6 Tips to Consider: Choosing an Online File Storage Service

Online file storage providers give us file sharers and internet users an upper hand when trying to spread documents between family, friends, coworkers, and employees. When using email, we are often faced with file attachment size limits, and inbox storage space limits. Therefore, we must resort to a service that caters to the needs of file sharing directly.

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File storage is important in the case of computer or file disasters, as it provides yet another place for your files to rest securely; just in case they must be recovered on your computer. As a business, it is important to have a superior file sharing service that is accessible by all employees. Shopping for a great storage provider can be a bit tricky, so these tips are great to keep in mind so that you may find an idealistic provider who will not let you down.

1. Check for Recovery Protocols :

With file storage, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to recover your files should anything happen to your computer. Check your provider for recovery procedures; if something should happen and you need to recover your files immediately, you do not want to have to deal with a slow and troublesome service that makes it impossible.

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2. Continuous Data Protection :

Any storage provider, server, or computer can face a meltdown. This can always result in a loss of data. Ensure that your online storage provider of choice offers 24/7 data protection, and emergency recovery. This feature cannot be stressed enough; your data should be 100% safe with whoever you may choose to store it with.

3. Strong Encryption of Files :

File encryption is very important. The stronger the encryption, the safer your files are. It prevents anyone but you from being able to access and utilize your files. Encryption is used during transfer to and from the server, and while the data is stored on the server.

4. Offline Backup :

If you have an unreliable internet connection, or are frequently going in and out of internet connectivity, you should opt for a provider who offers offline backup. A file storage provider can offer a service that allows for the creation of local documents, then back them up to their server as soon as you make a connection to the internet.

5. Archival Features :

While simply having the ability to store files securely is a great feature, you should also check for any archiving features. If you happen to accidently delete a document, or make accidental changes to one, a storage provider who offers archiving can save the day. This allows for you to access past versions of a particular document.

6. File Backups In Increments :

Sometimes, data backup can really eat away at your time and bandwidth. Opting for a service that provides incremental backup means only necessary revisions and new documents will be backed up. This prevents time or bandwidth absorption which occurs when files are continuously backed up when it is not actually necessary.

All of these features mentioned can be great assets within your file storage account, and are signs of exceptional providers who are actually offering services worth taking advantage of. Once you find providers who offer all of these services, you can then compare pricing plans and storage limits.

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5 Responses to “6 Tips to Consider: Choosing an Online File Storage Service”

  1. Ashok

    Jun 01. 2012

    It is very useful info about Choosing an Online File Storage Service, thanks for sharing good info, i will follow your all points for choosing service an online file storage.

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  2. Sreerag Nampoothiri K

    Jun 04. 2012

    I always use a cloud storage application to store my very important personal data. It is more safer than storing in my laptop. But, as google rolled out a cloud storage service lately which one do you prefer Google Cloud or DropBox?

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  3. Waqas @ money pakistan

    Jun 06. 2012

    I will definitely go for Strong Encryption of Files because without this feature online storage is like junk.

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  4. Ben

    Jun 12. 2012

    Thanks for all the tips, it’s so hard to know where to start with cloud storage.

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  5. Jake B

    Jun 24. 2012

    My favorite online file storage service is probably DropBox, mainly because it’s free, safe (to my knowledge) and it’s also very helpful when working on group projects.

    I haven’t had the chance to try out Google Drive as of yet, though.

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