Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Finally Confirmed

After dominating the market of Mobiles for over a decade now Nokia is planning to put there hands in Tablet market too with a new Nokia Windows 8 Tablet . Recently on a comment that should neither surprise nor excite anyone, Nokia’s design chief Marko Ahtisaar told a Finnish magazine that the mobile giant is readying a tablet to take on the iPad — and every other tablet that is taking on the iPad.

Ahtisaar says he’s spending about a third of his time working on the Nokia slate, which presumably would run Windows 8, given the cell phone company’s partnership with Microsoft.However there was’nt much information provided by him regarding this, he said that Nokia will need to take a different approach than competitors to fight the iPad tidal wave. Nokia had previously released the N800 Internet Tablet series, to limited success.

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Though it will be quite early to predict what will this package by Nokia will contain,but with the recent few launches by nokia like 41 MP camera and now this Tablet,one thing is for sure that Nokia is trying to get back his market which is being dominated these days by Apple,Samsung etc.

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, for one, claims the job is doable. He has repeatedly stated that his company is shooting to be No. 3 in mobile operating, after Google and Apple.

Indeed, H-P, Dell, HTC and other Microsoft partners will likely scramble to develop Windows 8 tablets. If the Nokia/Microsoft collaboration lives up to its promise, Nokia windows 8 tablet could jump to an early lead. Maybe, just maybe, it will be time for a whole new Pepsi Generation.

Nokia Windows 8 tablet. What do you think that “different approach” would be? Do you have any interest in a Nokia tablet? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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5 Responses to “Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Finally Confirmed”

  1. Homeforgeeks

    Mar 18. 2012

    Well,this is the best be of nokia to get back in to mobility market :)
    lets see if they can success in this attempt :P

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  2. aatif

    Mar 18. 2012

    Looks like windows 8 is developed for touch screen devices . Agree with sumit that this is best chance for nokia to get back to market where they were some time ago .

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      Mar 18. 2012

      Yeah . Windows 8 is more friendly in touch screen devices.

      Hope we will feel the pleasure of using it in tablets :)

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  3. tatya

    Mar 26. 2012

    finally nokia has taken windows8

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  4. Quentin Feduchin

    Sep 27. 2012

    There is no doubt that merely producing a new Windows Mobile 8 cell phone is insufficient to really make a hit in the Apply/Google market. There has to be a big enough hit to grab a real chunk of the market, something in the region of 20%, to make enough impression on cell/tablet users for the focus to be on MS+Nokia+HTC+HP etc.
    THAT means a major combined cell/tablet offensive.
    If they don’t do that, they’ve lost even before they’ve entered the fray..

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