New Aakash Tablet II Launched

With the popularity of Aakash tablet and its affordability, the all new Aakash 2 tablets are soon going to hit the market in India with lesser cost than expected. It launched on this Sunday (11/11/12) on the occasion of National Education Day. This android based tab has everyone’s eye on it and is available at a low price of as low as $21 for Indian Students. TheBritish company,  Datawind built Aakash 2 with a 7 inch touch panel display and a 1GHz cortex A8 process or with a RAM of 512MB and 4GB of flash storage comes with the latest Android 4.0.3 Ice cream sandwich, expandable memory upto 32GB.  It has built in Wifi, front VGA camera and yes it is dirt cheap. Shipped to Indian students at a cost of $21 costs $80 for others. Good features, cheap price, excellent performance. What more is needed. This is surely making the China markets produce and sell same kind tablets at cheap rates. So the cheap tablets ate surely on its way.


No we are not talking about it as a comparison to Ipad, way beyond imagination. But yes I can buy 10 Aakash tablets or even many more in the same price as that of an Ipad. Yes, way different by its performance. But when you compare prices, Aakash tablets are affordable to common man definitely.

However these tablets are not going to reach students directly, they are first going to be used to train teachers of 250 engineering institutions in India primarily. The low battery life seems to be the only problem with the new Aakash tablet with the rest being quite good taking its price into consideration. Those all those who are keen to buy the new Aakash tablet, let me tell you that online booking has started for commercial sale. Go and grab it if you want it. Better performance and added features than the prior tablet, only the battery life seems to be a bit low. Recommended for its features embedded in low price.


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