Motorola Razr Maxx Review and Specifications

One of the major compromises mobile phone manufacturers have to make on modern handsets is between battery life and size. We demand our contract phones in thinner, sleeker models they have to weigh next to nothing and look stylish, but we also want – and need – them to stay online for hours at a time. Battery life is absolutely critical. This was one of the issues Motorola had last year with the original Razr a super thin device. Now they add to the winning features of the handset with one big – no huge – component.

The Razr Maxx may be related to the Razr, but at first glance it’s difficult to see the similarity between the two. The original Razr was the epitome of svelte, whilst the Maxx has to tackle the daunting task of concealing a whopping 3300 mAh battery. Gone are the smooth, curved edges of the Razr replaced with unattractive bulges. It weighs 18g more than its predecessor. But this goes back to the basic issue of appearance versus practicality. You have to make sacrifices for a phone with this much battery life.

Like the Razr the Maxx runs on android staying with the latest developments and utilising the newest version – Ice Cream Sandwich. The interface is clean, tidy, and easy to navigate, and the Android OS is also complemented by a few exclusive Motorola apps and services.

The most impressive of these is probably Moto Music a truly comprehensive music library and synching platform. Beyond that the Maxx pretty much follows the Razr’s specifications maintaining the impressive 8 megapixel camera and flexible connectivity settings.

How much do you care about the size of your phone? Day today you may find that the vastly improved battery life of the Razr Maxx is a real deal breaker. This is a phone that, when fully charged, can last three days even when using it to its full potential.


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2 Responses to “Motorola Razr Maxx Review and Specifications”

  1. Rajeesh Nair

    Sep 13. 2012

    Moto Razr series is already creating much hype now a days.. They are sturdy and durable phones plus the water resistant and dust proof qualities make it the best phone for rough use..

    But they are not at all great phones when it comes to camera quality, sound quality or touch interface… They gotta improve on that part..

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  2. neha

    Sep 25. 2012

    Hi, Really This is awesome Articles. Nowadays Moto Razr Series is Going well. I am engineering student. In this Phone There are good features available, camera Quality is so good, sound quality also good and including with water proof, Dust proof Quality..But really this phone much better than previous….Well thanks for it.

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