A mobile app by CanvasM to help women by sending quick SOS alerts.

With the crime against women increasing day by day, CanvasM has come up with a much needed app known as FightBack so as to keep women safe in distress conditions. Recent havoc in India because of the brutal rape of a 23 year old girl is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Such incidents occur on a daily basis all over the globe with Asian countries like India especially the capital of India i.e. Delhi and African countries majorly. Pepper spray and other stuff has been tried and tested. But with this technology driven app to help women seems to be of great help. This app to be available for Indians as of now should be of immense support and shall surely act as a precautionary measure and now seems to be a need especially after the shameful Delhi rape case.
Women can now alert their family and friends just by a push of a button of their whereabouts. Here is the way how does it go:
There is a mobile application called FightBack, through which women can press the ‘panic’ button whenever they feel unsafe. Their location will be tracked using GPS and SOS messages will be sent to selected appropriate contacts.

This app is available for Smartphones running on Android, Blackberry and Symbian operating systems, which covers a major pool of people in India. It is already available and downloading of this app is decently picking up too. After the marketing of this app in an appropriate manner, I am sure its downloading will be on rampage. The mobile value added service provider CanvasM has got the perfect app at a perfect timing for a genuine cause. This app is available for free in the Delhi-NCR region in India while it is as cheap as Rs. 100 for annual subscription in other parts of India.

Such apps surely prove to be very useful, let us look forward for such apps integrated with respective police with its availability all over the world as well. Spread about this app to your friends, mothers, sisters, wives and all the ladies out there. Technology at its real sense.


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  1. SIP Softphone

    Dec 24. 2012

    I accidentally found this site which provided me a lot of needed information, i was thinking why i did not get it before ….

    But now i have bookmarked it ..

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  2. SIP Softphone

    Dec 24. 2012

    From United States Just ran across your website. Actually read your article, I’ll forward it along! :P Have a good day!

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  3. Matt

    Dec 29. 2012

    Hey !
    wow.. That’s awesome.
    really most the people has become ghost for women. and in this situation this app is really a need for every women. Great information.

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