The eye-catchy Micromax A110- Canvas 2

Micromax is known for delivering phones that have best features and have the cheapest price that what is available in I-phone’s, Samung’s S series or say HTC’s series of phones. The new Micromax A110 has like the best of features with less than 1/3rd of the price of its competitors offering features like those.

Micromax A 110- Canvas 2

Micromax A 110- Canvas 2

The looks itself can kill you! It has a sleek design with a 12.5 Inch multi-touch screen having a LCD screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. It comes with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1GHz dual core processor. It is blazing fast and has support of 3G. It has a back camera of 8MP CMOS and a front camera of 0.3MP. The key is the power management features that its offers and the long lasting battery life that comes along with Micromax A110 i.e. Canvas 2. To add more to the basket we have the dual sim feature coming along with the phone. The superior design, high resolution camera, built in features and Ice cream Sandwich packed Micromax A110 comes under INR 10,000. Whoa! All those features at that dirt cheap price? Yes, definitely, it is true. :D .

Micromax A110

Micromax A110

Micromax A110 has Buetooth connectivity, USB 2.0 and 3G for connections. Yes Wi-fi too is packed in. It has a Battery Capacity of 2000mAh which will last for continuous 5hrs talktime and stand by upto 180hrs. A battery life which doesn’t generally come with that screen and resolution, but anything is possible with MicroMax.

Micromax A110 is in the news everywhere and has gained popularity and people have bought it with all the excitement, and why not if the same is available at 1/3rd of the price. There has been some issues related to the volume, but you can always increase it and feel the change. You have to Go to Audio => LoudSpeaker mode  and then change your Max value to 150. Feel the change in the volume.

So overall a good bet at the price for all the features available. Just because it doesn’t come from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry or Nokia people are hesitant. However you can feel free to give it a try because it is not asking for more for what it is offering.


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