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Livestar, a mobile App that let’s one have recommendations from their friends and colleagues has come up with its new software which has eliminated the bugs and errors in the previous one and is surely an enhanced version. Your friends who have the same taste just as you can recommend which restaurant you should visit or which movie shall you watch. Founded by Fritz Lanman, an ex Microsoft executive and ex amazon engineers primarily hae come up with this app that surely eyes many users.

Want reviews for music, restaurant, movies? Do you want to recommend for them or you want to see your friends reviews, the all new live star 2.0 is the recommendation app waiting right there for you. Local restaurants, its reviews and bookings are done with this app right on your phone. We are so used to logging on IMDB just to see the movie length or reviews. Or log on to internet for music, restaurants and much more. All of this is right here integrated in one app in LiveStar. Good features, dedicated to recommendation, this app one should have on their phone for fair reviews, professional as well as total. It is free app, you find the required recommendations faster and yes it is an easy and user friendly app.

Well a new side to it is that it comes with the ‘free’ or ‘urn’ marketing strategy. Go and try out livestar, recommend your friends and if you get atleast 15 friends to accept your invites, you get a $30 Amazon card. Boom! I remember the same thing with paypal. This marketing strategy does work. So, why not go and register, atkeast for the $30 Amazin card. Continue, if it does prove to be helpful, like paypal did prove to be helpful. And if it doesn’t, why to worry, be happy with the $30 Amazon card. Well, it is not much that they are giving, because it comes up to $2 per new user, but all that I want to say is no harm in trying. It has benefits, though might be not much if it doesn’t prove to be useful, but at least some. Go register, get 15friends, and $30 Amazon card.


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