Lady Gaga’s Twitter Account Hacked – iPad 2s Giveaway

Last Night Lady Gaga’s Twitter Account got Hacked having 17M followers. It just offer free iPad 2s to all 17 million people that follower her.

Two tweets came one by one. The first went up just under an hour ago, promising Macbooks for all of her followers “in the spirit of the holidays”. All they needed to do to grab theirs? Just visit some shady link, fill out a few details… and then sign up for a bunch of offers and tell your friends to do the same. That one got pulled back instantly.

The second tweet went up just after that with same promise, except with “free” iPad 2s instead of Mac books. This one has managed to stay up for around a half hour. Each of the tweets refers to those reading it as “Monsters”, as that’s how Lady Gaga addresses her fans. It seems that whoever hacked her account, knows her very wisely.

The webpage users were directed to was hosted on the free blogspot service, and has since been removed. Anyone who clicked on the link, and filled in online forms, may have unwittingly handed their personal information to scammers and potentially helped them earn revenue by completing online surveys.

The scam message was pulled an hour after it first appeared, limiting the potential for damage. Even so records show that more than 120,000 people clicked on the offending link.

Overall #StopHackingGaga was the most trending topic last night on twitter. Everyone just wondering that if Lady Gaga or the Hacker deleted the tweets. It also flashes that the hacker has unfollowed a few people.

While some guys also showed their love towards Lady Gaga – “who knows… maybe Lady Gaga just got really generous and decided to give 16,000,000 people macbooks?” or “Maybe it’s Lady Gaga and she is just playing with her shadow side or testing monsters.. “ This kinda tweets also got recorded.

Whatever happen but those links got removed & if you find that just don’t click on them.


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