Is your website secure from hackers?? Hear it Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

I am pretty sure most of website admins must have heard of the name SHADOOW KHAN, if not then this article is exclusively for you all.

So who is Shadoow Khan?

Well, Shadoow Khan is one of the famous blackhat hacker on net. A person who is still untraced, no real clue are available about except his gender and his country. He has been involved in many big hackings and is founder of several web-based groups based on ethical hacking.

I came to know about this person from one of the groups called INDIAN CYBER FORCE. From among the group articles, I happened to stumble upon one of his interviews taken after he hacked a site, (I cannot disclose the exact name of that site so lets call it ANONYMUS.COM for further reference), which I found quite interesting and useful for people who own some website.

That is what motivated me to share this exclusive interview with you all.

So here we go:

Q: The obvious, why you hacked ?

SK: Site was not secured well.

Q: Who is Shadoow Khan?

SK: I am Shadow008 from Pakistani Cyber Army / UrduHack / PakLeeTs / Hackall Team.

Q: Why do you deface websites?

SK: Well, mostly I deface hackers websites who call them self hackers and have no security also, but I am a kinda hacker who just defaces the site and not harm the site.

Q: Do you have a group? If yes, who all are the members in it?

SK: Yes I do, they are Pakistani Cyber Army / UrduHack / PakLeeTs / Hackall Team.

Q: What motivates you to hack?

SK: Mostly Hackers.

Q: Which has been your favourite and most difficult hack?

SK: Really not sure as I have hacked many good sites.

Q: How do you think website admins can improve their security?

SK: Get there own servers and and always update there scripts version and adding more security things to it.

Q: Are you planning for big attacks? Anything the net should fear for?

SK: Maybe :P , not sure ……

Q: Is there some kind of competition between hackers?

SK: I don’t know about that but I am not in the competition even if that is on cyber space.

Q: Do you target any particular kind of websites only based on some criteria of yours?

SK: Yes i do, and so far, I have taken all of my targets down ………… (HackeD)

Q: What are your views about “hactivism”? Do you support “Anonymous” hackers?

SK: Yes,I totally Support 100% Anonymous hackers for whatever they do, they do it for reasons.

Q: Which is your favourite gadget?


Q: Your words for admins of various sites on how to be safe on net.

SK:No one is secure on this Cyber Space, and its IMPOSSIBLE to be 100% safe.

Q: And our favourite question, your kind words for viewers and team.?

SK:Well, I see its a very nice website with high traffic and I see the admins have worked on it very hard,thats why I didnt kill the site or even edit any page of it to disturb it, I just defaced it, nothing harmed.

So here was some enlightenment on security concerns for admins for their website, through hackers point of view. Hope this article will provide you some good help in maintaining the security of your website.



An about to be Engineer currently pursuing my degree in Mechanical Engineering .A Tech-obsessed guy,a total Gadget freak,and an excellent online researcher,posing some good knowledge of gadgets,technologies,and hacking related stuffs..

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  1. Kuldeep Khatri

    Feb 28. 2012

    Nice to know this great piece of information.
    Thanks for sharing and it’strue that No one is 100% safe in this cyber world.

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  2. Saikrishna

    Feb 29. 2012

    Nice Post. Really Inspiring

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