Is Android eating Apple’s market?

android vs apple

android vs apple

We are well aware of the innovations offered by the Android and its smartphones, also the low prices that come along with it. While when we come across I-phones, the market comparatively is decreasing. Reason? High cost. Might be. But have you thought about each I-phone replacing the previous. That’s not the case when we talk about android. For android, the market is becoming wider and wider. Every year, when we talk about the market share, android is effectively gaining its share. Yes, the innovations and the affordability play a major part. Now, let us take a look at the I-phones share. Statistics have revealed that apple’s market share has seen a steep fall from 65% to 50% market share in the second quarter. Android is enjoying its open source way and its popularity can be vividly seen in the market. Now why are we more interestd for android over apple? It gives us a wider choice. We are not talking about a choice between I-phone 4S or I-phone 5. Here there is a huge pool to be offered to you. At affordable and cheap prices comparatively an entire new innovative product is in your hand. Also, the software of that of apple is pretty much controlled to access even few games or music, while when you are using android, you are a free bird. So, why can’t we just be sure of Android is eating Apple’s market.

Because here comes the other side to the coin. Software that we are enclosing is Android, but let’s ponder upon hardware. There is a tough competition out there for hardware, and beat it, Apple is the best when we talk about hardware. While all the android users have to chose among Samsung, HTC and more. But when we talk about profits to the company, due to the cut throat competition out there for hardware related to android, there are meager profits for the companies. While, apple rules because hardware or software, both belong to Apple. When the hardware and software, both belong to the same company, the updates and solving issues becomes much easier while for an update to primarily reach its hardware company and then to the user become a chain. So the verdict for whether Android is eating apple or not remains a question unresolved.


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