iPad 5 said to be 15 percent thinner, 25 percent lighter

Apple’s next iPad are each agent and lighter than its precursor, conveyance back the company’s recent habit of iPad shrinkage.

That’s in keeping with KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo, WHO during a note to investors last night aforementioned to expect a lifesize iPad that is fifteen % agent than the fourth-generation device and weighs twenty five % less.

The size reduction is owing to a couple of tweaks, Kuo said. that features A battery that is twenty five % to thirty % smaller, and enhancements on show panels and A-series chip technology, that currently eat up less juice. Apple conjointly can use identical bit technology found on the iPad mini, that is agent than what it presently uses on its life-size iPads.


“Thinness and light weight are key attributes,” Kuo aforementioned within the note. “We assume one among the explanations iPad three and iPad four did not sell yet obviously was they’re each heavier and thicker than iPad a pair of.”

Apple, of course, free each of these models at intervals seven months of 1 another. The move ticked off third-generation patrons, however doubtless unbroken folks from holding off on getting third-generation units with the company’s obsolete 30-pin connective.

Kuo expects the next-generation iPad to arrive toward the tip of the third calendar quarter.

This is simply the most recent during a series of rumors and murmurs inform to a slimmer iPad. Apple’s used what is effectively been identical outside style for the device for the past 3 versions, one thing of associate degree abnormality in comparison with the iPhone and iPod line. A return of Japan back in Gregorian calendar month claimed Apple was performing on a slimmer iPad model, although mistakenly aforementioned it’d flow from last month. Additional recently, there are a couple of third-party cases for next-gen iPads that seem to require style cues from the iPad mini by sporting a narrower style.

As for a reason to trust Kuo over myriad alternative Apple analysts, he is been spot on concerning Apple’s plans and temporal arrangement of its 13-inch membrane MacBook professional last year, at the side of iPod and iPad details. Before that, there have been his correct reports of the white iPhone four temporal arrangement, Apple’s ending of the 17-inch MacBook professional, and revamps of the MacBook professional line in mid-2011.


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