iPad 3 : The Next Big Thing

The upcoming iPad 3 is slated to be the next big thing to grace the market. And this comes from one of the world’s leading gadgets maker. It has been quite long since the rumors about the tab are doing the rounds. That is quite expected owing to the huge success of the previous products by the company. Currently, the biggest rumor is related to its release date, since the company has not yet confirmed any thing regarding it. But the latest and one of the most “for sure rumors” about it is that the launch will be on march 7th, as speculated by most of the other websites who are reputed of releasing “close to correct rumors”.

It has been apparently said that if previous sales traditions are to repeat themselves, the iPad 3 should be announced on the 7th and then be found in store in the US by March 16, a Friday. It would then become available for sales Internationally by March 30th. The specification of the device are already making the news in the market, before they are actually out. Speculations are there that the company would launch the device with the retina display. However some of the other reports are saying that there isn’t any major changes in iPad 3 as of now. And some are even saying that it is more or less going to be like iPad 2S, and may infact be named as such.

After hearing lots of Rumors Report on iPad 3 Display, It is being speculated that iPad 3 Display will be a 9.7 inch Diagonal one with High Resolution Retina Display 2048×1536. The Display of iPad 3′s pixels appears to be one quarter the size of the iPad 2, which is 2×2 pixels. As per the Macrumors Research, iPad 2 has 4 Cluster, where as iPad 3 has 16 Cluster which shows the superior quality of iPad 3 Display Resolution.The Resolution of iPad 3 is twice compared to iPad 1 and iPad 2 which is 1024×768. The Camera Quality of iPad 2 is 1 Mega Pixel Resolution, where as the new iPad 3 will have 8 Mega Pixel Camera Resolution.

The interesting part is that this could be a device with lower price tag. And it is said that it would give a direct competition to Amazon’s Kindle fire. Though nothing is confirmed as of now, we hope this time too Apple lovers will get to see something different from what they are actually expecting.

Do share your view and any news about this if you have. :)


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  1. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 04. 2012

    Would be curiously looking forward for it. It would be a great hit.

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