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The problem with Apple’s maps has been considerable enough. How much time is that going to take to upgrade is a question. Cupertino’s Maps has serious problems which makes Apple to introduce the iOS version of Nokia’s cloud based maps on App store of apple. Yes, it is already available and tried and tested.

But did it work? No, it didn’t. Apple maps which replaced google maps in an upgrade in iPhone and iPad did receive criticism ans so did the Nokia here received. Consumers ain’t happy with and so want their google maps back on app store. Now let us discuss what comes with the Nokia’s here maps. Welll the good news is that any platform you use from chrome to firefox to explorer and even compatible with safari, you can access all the mapping data provided. Available since more than 2 weeks now, is even compatible with Android for versions from 2.2 and +. So apple tries to rescue with so much criticism, but however it doesn’t help. Google Maps is what people have used and once they have used the best they can’t compromise with something less. The Apple’s so much against google is surely seen, yes it is a competition. But at what cost? Letting your own users be unhappy, that was definitely not what Tim Cook wanted, however the competition is worth watching because we never know when we will be handed with maps as good as or well competitive with google maps by apple.

nokia here iOS

nokia here iOS

However, coming back to Nokia Here, there are features like you can save the geographical area offline, voice based directions facility. There is also a community feature view in which you can access the community sourced information along with the company’s information. Their tagline is catchy saying “Maps evolve and so do we”, however it is far redundant because people have already tasted the best with Google Maps. Also, when we compare it to the Cupertino’s maps, not a major difference I would say because both are annoying in their own ways. Criticism can be there (is there) for both. However, the try by Apple as well as nokia inn this direction is worth praising because as time passes by we might have options to choose on Maps with google, apple, nokia. Way to go!

So well, is nokia here a replacement to apple maps? Both being redundant I wouldn’t like to comment on that with Google Maps being tried, tested, used and loved.


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3 Responses to “iOS release with Nokia Here”

  1. Hemanth

    Dec 04. 2012

    google maps are the best in store !!!

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  2. Elvira Ciobanu

    Dec 09. 2012

    It is worse than Apples offering. Come back Google, all is forgiven !

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