iOS keeps Ruling the Web Browsing.

android vs iOS

android vs iOS

When it comes to apple, it ought to be the best (excluding the maps). Now when we see the comparison of web browsing between the apple users and android users, hardly any change has been depicted over the past 6 months on usage basis. It is observed that apple’s iOS is seen to be having users more heavy on web browsing than on Android.

Though android has come with variety of new tabs and phones and so has apple launched its ipad mini, iPhone 5, the web browsing market stays constant with apple’s operating system ruling. Amazon’s new reader tabs, nook’s, the new nexus devices all run on android platform however when we compare, the analysis says android still lacks by same margin when we rate web browsing to number of users between iOS and Android. The mobile ad network Chitika has analyzed and put forth the graph analysis of the web browsing statistics of the past 6 months.


Now, when SIII launched while iPhone5 was yet to be launched, android and iOS were quite close related to web browsing. Howsover, after the iPhone5 launch the previous statistics came into picture and the hiatus between them prevails. So when we talk about mobile browsing, android does give a tough competition to iOS, but tablets if you are talking, Apple iPad leads the way clearly.

However, the competition is ON with Apple and Android ruling the market. iOS comes only with apple, while android comes with a platform of hardware’s. How much is that going to affect the web browsing data later on cannot be predicted, but as for now the statistics indicate that iOS dominates the web browsing world. Bravo Apple!


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