iOS 6 : Still Causing Wifi Problems

iOS 6 : Still causing wifi problems.

More users of Apple’s updated operating system are chiming in about Wi-Fi troubles on their iPhones and iPads. This has added to the frustration given that the updates take up too long and promise of fixing the problems.Wi-Fi access is still out of commission for many iOS 6 users.

A large number of Apple iOS6 users are experiencing problems connecting to the Wifi and the iPhone 5 is not the only one to be blamed. This has led to a lot of inconvenience and users are finding it very difficult to stay updated. The device boast of an enhanced online experience and easy ways to be in touch with the online community and getting your work organised but the wifi problems has  proven to be a spoiler.

Reports of the glitch have filled up 91 pages on Apple’s Discussion Forums since September 19. Most users say the Wi-Fi option on their device is greyed out, preventing them from accessing the feature at all. Many have tried the usual fixes, such as reinstalling the OS, resetting the device, and even getting a replacement unit from Apple. But the problem persists and all efforts in solving it are in vain.

Shortly after the iOS5 was released, users ran into the wifi problems. Some users have said the bug is isolated to the iPhone 5. But many of the complaints on Apple’s forums are from people using an iPhone 4S, iPad, or another Apple device. Several people reported then that the Wi-Fi option was greyed out. The culprit was traced back to an offline Apple Web page that checks to make sure a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t require a login. Once the page was brought back up, the glitch was fixed. Or so it was thought.

As is often the case, the issue affects some users and not others. An apple owner states-“I upgraded to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and have had no trouble connecting through Wi-Fi.” So it’s still difficult to gauge how many people are affected. That makes the problem more difficult to resolve since there are likely other factors involved than just the new OS. This has been the major drawback and has caused the problem to go unfixed for so long.

The new iPhone has presented its share of technical flaws, including scrapes and scratches around the edge, static lines on the keyboard when keying in your password, light leaks behind the front display, and a purple halo effect on certain photos.

Apple’s new OS has been dinged most severely for its buggy Maps app, presenting users with misplaced locations, lost cities, duplicated islands, and other mistakes.

The company has been publicly silent about most of the iPhone complaints, though marketing chief Phil Schiller reportedly told an iPhone 5 buyer that the scrapes and scratches were “normal” for aluminium products.

But Apple seems to be taking the Maps flap more seriously. An unnamed Apple executive reportedly told the The New York Times that the company takes full responsibility for the app and that it will “pour as much time and manpower into repairing Maps as it takes.


Well the company sure has a lot to work on. Is this Apple trivia ever going to end. No Steve Jobs, no perfection. Does this mean Android is the King of the market as of now. Well, before jumping to conclusions, let us not forget the obsession of the cult of ‘Apple’ owners and it has always been known to make a comeback like no other. Wait and watch it is.


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  1. Donna Spears

    Nov 19. 2012

    I wonder how prompt are they when it comes to the problems when reported to them. I am glad you posted this thing here!

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