Instagram for iPhone : Updated by Facebook – What’s New?

It has been quite some time Facebook has acquired Instagram and the whole lot of hype that was created during the acquisition. But since then there was no big news about the worlds most popular photo sharing app. And this is probably the first time since then we got a news about a major update in Instagram in iPhone.

Facebook has released Version 2.5 of Instagram for iPhone users. Though there is no major design or layout change in the app but a remarkable update is been done by adding a whole new ‘Explore‘ button on top, replacing the ‘Popular‘ section- which used to show the photos with most likes.


With the new ‘Explore’ option it has become lot more easier to search pictures, if you are looking for a particular type and name. This can be done by search the photos with username and hashtag and the existing feature for viewing the most liked image remains intact under the ‘Explore’ option.

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The Facebook acquisition mark can also be seen in one new setting i.e., Open Graph which is also there. Which means that, now you can directly post all the photo Likes onto your Facebook brand page without leaving the app.

This seems to be worthy development as people couldn’t help noticing three like silos for a single Instagram pin on Facebook. With the Open Graph feature all the likes would come under single place(So, expect a sudden rise of like count on your pics).

And as said by the users who have used the updated version say that the app has become slight fast, as it goes in hand with the companies core goal for being lightning fast before everyone else.

There is one more minor change for posting the already shot photo called Camera Roll, now all you need to do it tap and hold the Camera button and the its done, unlike the before when it was a tow-step process. But there is not news of update regarding Android App, hope Android users also get to use the update soon.

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6 Responses to “Instagram for iPhone : Updated by Facebook – What’s New?”

  1. Anton Koekemoer

    Jul 02. 2012

    Hi Kunal,

    Thanks for the heads up – I tend to use the app a lot when I don’t have my digital camera at hand. The easy effects and customizations one can do to make a photo look better are great and easy to use. I must admit – This is most likely one of the best apps I’ve used when uploading photo’s to Facebook – Amongst others.

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  2. Pulkit

    Jul 02. 2012

    Thanks for the post Kunal.

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  3. Prakash

    Jul 09. 2012

    Instagram is really nice app, photo sharing app. hope this update has lots of interesting things…….
    Thanks for sharing it……….

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  4. deanne sotero

    Jul 09. 2012

    Facebook also needs to upgrade their system so as to let more people have an account and gain more momentum with regards to their success. I think this is just right. Anyway, thank your for the information. Great post! :)

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  5. Kunal Neeli

    Jul 09. 2012

    Thanks for your appreciation and keep visiting… :)

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  6. Orlando male massage

    Jul 11. 2012

    Good new thing about facebook which I will surely use.

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