iJot – Now Write Messages to Your Loved Ones in Your Own Handwriting

Now write messeages in your own handwriting with iJot. Writing a love letter to your loved ones looks kind off old fashioned things these days as today we have something called SMS,E-Mails where you can directly type your feelings and send it. But to be obvious love letters have been above all these ways in expressing your love to your loved ones. But writing a letter and then waiting for next 3-4 days,so that it reaches to your person,Well truly its kind off knotty task these days.  How about sending a hand-written letter through you cellphone and that too in couple of seconds.

There is an app named iJot which is available exclusively at iPhone App Store which is a nice one to own for this purpose. iJot enables you to create handwritten notes and messages without the keyboard, using your finger as a pen. iJot’s innovative technology uses your screen like a never-ending piece of paper that scrolls smoothly at the speed of your handwriting.

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Features :

This is a very simple to use app,there is a message box. You have to use your one finger to type and two fingers to swipe/move and pinch to zoom. However the notes have a defined space, which cannot be expanded upon.

Now about customization, there are 48 solid colour backgrounds and 30 textured backgrounds to choose from. These backgrounds are really nice and enhance the personal touch of the message. You can also change the colour of the text in the message.

For that extra personal touch, there are 60 shapes including smiley faces, roses and love hearts to choose from. To add to the finishing touches, there are 48 custom borders to choose from. With the permutations and combinations, you can really make each message look unique.

Performance :

Straight out of the box, the beauty of the message you create in the Handwritten Message app depends on how good your handwriting is. No matter how many of the available effects you apply, if your writing looks like crawling ants, your message will look bad.

Now Once you’ve “written” your message it is very simple to send it. Hit “done” and then hit “send” and the message gets copied to the clipboard. You can then “paste” the note in iMessage, send it as an MMS or even e-mail. The message will not go via a regular SMS, as it is an image and requires to be sent as an MMS, so you may want to keep the cost of sending an MMS in mind before sending cute posted style messages to the entire world.

So lastly,  iJot is really a good app to go for,Sure, there a lot of apps that recognize you handwriting and can send it across as a message, but the customizable options of Handwritten Message app gives it a personal touch. So there are more incentives to give it a try.

You can buy iJot app at just 2.99$ directly form the iTunes Apple App Store. Click Below to Buy iJot App.


Screenshots :


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  1. Abhisek Das

    Mar 26. 2012

    Is this available for Symbian ?

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