HTC deluxe 5 Inch – Leaked new snaps

HTC deluxe

HTC deluxe

HTC enters the 5inch bracket of phones with the HTC deluxe smartphone. This smart device gets a 1.5GHz quad-core processor with it. An amazing camera with 8 megapixel and the latest Android Jelly Bean (4.1) operating system. It has a full HD 1080p display and2GB of RAM with 4G LTE mobile internet.
The 4.7 Inch HTC one X was the largest in size by HTC, the all new HTC deluxe 5Inch is surely making the mark of the craze for the big screen phones. It was rumored that this phone for Europe by Taiwanese’s HTC will be hitting the markets soon. With the variety of its photos released, we have a clear picture of what this phone looks like and even the color options that they have to offer. The so familiar Beats logo is right there n the back of this shiny and glossy back cover HTC phone. It is so far known that the Deluxe is an International version of US only Droid DNA and Japan only J butterfly by HTC. We will keep you posted with the latest news regarding the same. As for now, it seems that the cooler picture and broader view of the phone will be out on 6th December as per their site. So we will get a clearer picture of upto what extent does it give a tough fight to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2.
HTC deluxe

HTC deluxe

The phone seems to be pretty exciting as the Android 4.1 OS, 4G, 1.5MP quad processor does drive me in. About the Deluxe’s announcement, it should be at the CES 2013- the trade show in January or say at the Mobile World Congress in February. The driving part is what shall we prefer, Galaxy Note 2 or HTC’s Deluxe? Seems to be pretty Interesting! All eyes on 6th December for the official information to be released at HTC’s end.
The Droid DNA we know has already proved its success with the crisp images and it is up to the mark working of the phone with Android’s 4.1 OS. Well yes this 5Inch phone is not going to slide down in your pockets, but obviously there’s something to be compromised on. What you prefer, the big screen or the pocket friendly. Well, HTC is coming in the 5Inch bracket pretty late, after Samsung and many more gained profits in it. So to what extent does HTC fulfill its needs is not what can be commented on. But the photos and the specifications that are rumored if true, then surely it is a big new launch to be waited for.


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