How to watch Live Television on Google Chrome browser

Now you can watch live television on Google chrome for free. I am not saying here to subscribe to any sort of service to watch the live television just you need install an extension in Google chrome in order to watch almost all channels streaming.

You might be thinking ‘What the use of installing an extension when you get many websites which serves you to watch free channels for free?’. Here I can say is its just one click away to watch live television. This extension also supports that you can even browse in another tab when the TV keeps on running automatically in another tab.

Where can I find this extension?

You can find this extension in Google chrome Web store. The developers has named this extension as ‘TV chrome’. In any websites you can find a maximum of limited channels you can watch on Google chrome. But this extension will provide you near to overall 2780 live TV channels for free in one click. These channels are grouped based on on category of your interest and the country you live. The list of channels are updated regularly.


You can find the installed extension in Google chrome besides the URL address bar a small TV like icon.

Steps to follow after installing the Google chrome extension from Web store :

1. Download and install the ‘TV chrome’ extension.

2. You can find a new small TV like icon besides the address bar. Click on it.

3. A pop-up window will open showing you the list of TV channels based on your selected category and country of your interest.

4. Select the TV channel you wish to watch from the category. Now you can see a pop-up window streaming live TV on Google chrome for free.

5. By double clicking on window you can enjoy watching live TV on full screen mode.

Screenshot : 

live television on Google chrome

All comments related to the topic will be appreciated. And if you like to share any tools that can stream live TV for free please let us know.

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  1. James Froggy

    Feb 14. 2012

    Well you can watch live tv on any browser. Lol

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  2. Saikrishna

    Feb 26. 2012

    Nice Post . Thanks for sharing .

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  3. Amit Shaw

    Mar 02. 2012

    Got it. Thanks Mozila now its Google Chrome. Thanks Hursh.

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  4. Rohan Bose

    Mar 02. 2012

    Are hursh bhai hostel mey tv ke liye cyberrom laga huya hey to mey abhi ye tv kaise dekh payunga plz bata yar..kuch to tarika hoga na iska haa

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  5. tvonline

    Mar 17. 2012

    How to watch Live Television on Google Chrome browser – Teckilla great ideas for this world!

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  6. Exam Results

    May 18. 2012

    Wow thats really a cool extension. Thanks for finding it and sharing it.

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  7. Arsie Organo Jr

    Jan 12. 2015

    Well, although this is a good plugin for Google Chrome we also need to consider the speed of the Internet to support streaming.

    Nevertheless, thanks for sharing.
    Arsie Organo Jr recently posted..How To Detect If A Phone is MHL Screen Mirroring SupportedMy Profile

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