How To : Get Your Guest Post Published Surely?

I’d hit half a century in writing guest posts and this very post can be given a number around somewhere in 70s. True. I love guest blogging, not just because they give you quality links but they’ll also bring your site a better exposure and help you in building a brand for yourself. For every blogger, he’ll see a lot of circumstances where his guest post will be rejected in the very next second.

Personally for me, the number of blogs that rejected my guest posts are more than the number of blogs which had accepted. Those were all in my early days and but now after having a good knowledge on writing and the way of approach to the site admin, thing’s have changed noticeably.

Today, every guest post that I write gets published and I’m also successful in getting my posts published in big-daddy sites of my niche. Content is not just the only thing that counts, besides there are several other factors. This is what I’d like to tell you now. My previous rejections have taught me a lesson and this very post can help you in making the admin accept your guest post without a fail.

Don’t Be A Copy Cat

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This is what most people do when they want to send a guest post to any of the other blogs. I’m not pointing you but this is what all the newbies do and does and this is what I did. Every blog, no matter the popularity of the blog, each one of them is against plagiarism. They can harm their site and so the chances of accepting the guest post is down to ground.

Give The Best

If you write quality posts for your own blog, then you should write the best quality post that you can possibly produce. After all, it’s the guest post that is going to decide whether the reader of that blog should visit your blog or not. I’ve personally seen a lot of people who write guest posts because they want some traffic from that site but fail in receiving them in the expected numbers.

If your post is really interesting enough and has answered all the things on the readers’ query, that’s hardly enough. So try to bring the best side of yours and write better than the best quality post of yours. Traffic will automatically come to you. Many people submit the posts of average quality as guest posts to other blogs and publish the best ones on their own sites. If you are among these, at least step out now.

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Remember, your readers are already engaged to your blog. They’ll accept it even if one of your post is a little low in quality (Assuming that the remaining posts of your site are of high quality). But the readers of the blog that you are guest posting will never even dare to click on your link, if they find the only post of yours, BAD. What I personally suggest is to write the best quality posts each time. Publishing them on your own blog or submitting them to other blogs will be in your hands.

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Avoid Mistakes

The admin might have been impressed by your posts’ title and topic, he might have accepted it but before publishing, it’s been like a ritual to read the entire post and check for minor mistakes. One or two will not be a problem but if the admin finds a lot of mistakes in your article (both grammar and spellings); trust me, he’ll write you another mail that he’s not going to publish that post of yours.

I doubt if he’s ever going to reply back if you had again tried to publish another one for his blog. Use some tools that analyze grammar and spellings of your article.

Images Are Free, Aren’t They?

guest post
Spend a little time in adding relevant images to the article. An image can convey the message of an entire paragraph ,if properly placed. But make sure you add relevant images.

Follow the blogs’ style and choose your images because some blogs use vector images inside the posts while some others use stock images and some other might have been using text-based images inside their posts. Choose accordingly and look at the previous posts of that site to get a knowledge on the style.

Are You Sure About The Niche?

I should have placed this paragraph at the very beginning itself. What is the reason behind guest posting? Isn’t it a link back to your site? I know it is. You might be expecting traffic too but traffic also comes from that link, right? No blog on earth will like to link to a site that is not of the similar niche.

So if you’ve a blog related to health, guest posting on the biggest blog in technology will never make a sense. Search for a good blog of your niche that has good following and decent traffic and make sure that blog accepts guest posts because there are some sites which don’t accept guest posts. If your blog can’t be brought under a specific niche, I’m speechless.

Aren’t these simple enough? I know these are the basic ones and also the most important ones while submitting a guest post to another blog. I’m sure your post will get accepted if you can follow all these (Assuming your post is really good).

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BTW, this is Koundeenya Dhulipalla, the Diary Writer. I'm a design student with interest in writing and designing, of course. I'm a very big fan of Taylor Swift (Dig my blog to know why). You're always welcome if you have something to say. Don't mind asking me if you want a guest post from me.

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  1. Nizam

    Aug 18. 2012

    Well, writing quality posts and proof reading for any mistakes are really important strategies to follow. And yes, guest posting on the blogs that are related to the blog niche does helps to gain traffic. Thanks Koundeenya for this useful info :)

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