How to Find Who Unfriended or Blocked You On Facebook

Confused with the fluctuating number of friends in your Facebook profile??? Me too, at times… So I found a way to to Find Who Unfriended or Blocked you on Facebook and today am going to share this with you all.  Firstly its time for the people who deleted you and after that who blocked you.

As you know that Facebook is getting new apps new day-by-day for its users, some are for entertainment and some are really helpful, and amongst those helpful ones is the “who deleted me“. All you need to do is just follow the simple steps given below and find who Unfriended or Blocked you on Facebook from there profile. Amongst the various ways that I found below method is the easiest way.

Who Unfriended You on Facebook ??

find who unfriended or blocked you on facebook

1. Go to Who Deleted me.

2. Click on “Login with Facebook”.

3. Now login with your Facebook username and password. Then you would be asked to Allow access to your account as it happens with other applications, click on allow and Bingo!!!

Now you can see all the people who unfriended you on a different page that you are been redirected to. One limitation with this is that you can view only those who unfriended you in last one month. You can also subscribe to get the Email notifications.

Now, its time for those who blocked you. There is no direct way as far as i know( if it’s there, you are free suggest), its simple but a bit wired one.

Who Blocked You On Facebook ??

find who unfriended or blocked you on facebook

1. Search for the person from Facebook account, is he/she has blocked you than that profile wont appear.

2. Logout from your Facebook account or open other browser where you are not logged into your Facebook account.

3. Now open and search for that Facebook Username whom you think have blocked you. For quick search put your search term like this username site: .

If the profile that did not appear in you Facebook profile search had appeared in Google search then bingo, you have found out the person who blocked you…!

Above are the simple tricks to find who unfriended or blocked you on facebook. You are free to leave you suggestion, advices or anything that you want to tell as a comment below.

Enjoy Facebooking… :)

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10 Responses to “How to Find Who Unfriended or Blocked You On Facebook”

  1. Abhisek Das

    Apr 02. 2012

    Now this was something from which I was unaware. I knew which shows the unfollowers of your twitter account. But this facebook thingy made my day! Lets check who are the bloody morons that have deleted me ;)

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  2. rohit kothari@techotalk

    Apr 02. 2012

    woww its really a nice trick to find out who un friend us and after finding who unfriends us take revenge from them :P

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  3. Suraj @Smartfatblogger

    Apr 03. 2012

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It helped me gain a lot of info.

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      Apr 03. 2012

      Thanks for dropping your view :)

      Hope you have shared this post :)

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  4. Access Data Point

    Apr 06. 2012

    Wow, so nice & enjoyable post, thanks for sharing.

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  5. anshul sharma

    Apr 13. 2012

    hahaha really a very useful tip :) hats off :)

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  6. shane watson

    Feb 15. 2013

    really helpful there are so many minnows who are truly unaware of this

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