How to create repeat events on Facebook?

Well we are so used to creating events for birthday parties, weddings, other social gatherings or many more events. Well now do you go for a trek every alternate Sunday? Creating an event to ask people as in who all are coming goes cumbersome as now and then you have to create the same event? Or if you wish to catch up with some friends on Fridays and creating an event again and again for the same thing goes painful, then you can repeat the event. According to your needs, say any specific dates or whenever it will be you need not create the same event again and again. Just click on the repeat events tab and you are sorted.

Say there is an event for school activities, a parents-teachers meeting, or a whole lot of different reasons when you have to invite people now and then for same kind of event. Just create repeat events, and go sorted.

The Procedure:

  1. Click on the Events in your tabs.

You can see pages for Friends, photos, subscriptions etc.  right below your cover photo  in the middle of the web page. Just click on event page amongst them.

create event FB

  2. In the events page, click on Create a new event.

Just like normally you create an event, create it for the purpose required.

FB event



3. Settings: Repeat the event

Once you have created an event and ready to invite your friends and guests, click on the “Create Repeat event” on the right corner of your webpage of events, and bingo now you can create repeat events. So, you wish to call people say a month later for a same kind of event, just click on the ‘Create Repeat Event’ and adjust the date and time according to your needs. Yay! It is so user friendly and easy.

repeat event facebook

repeat event facebook


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3 Responses to “How to create repeat events on Facebook?”

  1. Gilbert

    Dec 12. 2012

    Hey Shreya, Thanks alot for enlightening on the event feature usage. I haven’t been using it much but maybe i should see into that now.

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  2. mccullem ashley

    Feb 16. 2013

    thanks for sharing an important information shreya after reading your post my events will be organize too much

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