How to create a Backdoor of a computer!

Like humans, no computer software is perfect including the OSs. Our own windows OS has got 900+ vulnerabilities of which one is mentioned below.The one mentioned below can be used to change the password or login in a computer without knowing the actual password.So, you guys might be thinking how to login a computer with windows OS without knowing the password. 

Well here is way to do so, but you need to access the administrator account once to do so.Then what you need to do is to create a backdoor of the computer,now every time you open the browser you just have to set a new password without knowing the old one and then login with that. You can do it for standard user account also but what else do you need when you have the administrator with you. Isn’t that cool..??

Below are the few easy steps to create a backdoor:

Step1: login to administrator account of your or the computer of which you want to create the backdoor.
Then go to c:\windows\system32, in their search for sethc.exe file.


Step2: now copy and paste that file to other location (for backup purpose). Now in the system32 folder
search for cmd.exe file and copy it to desktop.


Step3: rename the copied file on desktop to sethc.exe. And again cut and paste it to system32 folder.
There you would be asked to replace the existing file, so replace the existing file.



Step4: to check whether it is working or not, logout of the user and press shift key five (5) times. After
doing so command prompt will appear, bingo its working then. Now type this command in the command prompt
that appeared “netuser <username> <newpassword>” the press enter and close the cmd. Now login
with the new password that u gave.


Note: There might be a problem while copying or replacing the file for that, change the security settings of the above mentioned files.It is better that you create a backup of sethc.exe file so that you can remove the backdoor when you want and restore the computer to its original state.

[ Warning: Don’t try this on your computer. ]


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