Has facebook lost its charm?



Google threated Microsoft, facebook proved a big threat to google, which made them launch google+. Is there something in the market or anything that you can smell which will kill facebook? Well, not yet.  But with the tech world running at a whooping spend and the trophy goes on passing from one to other, facebook as a superpower for years down the line is not a statement that I would make. Why do we login facebook everyday? Does it software makes us irresistible. No, it’s the users. Common we are talking about more that 1billion active users, which if would have been a country would be the third largest in terms of population in the world after China and India. It is the people that drives people. Of course the not so social and claustrophobic people don’t like it much or login much, however have their accounts retained with a thought that you might require it some or the other day.

There are millions of apps, businesses which run through facebook. People click photos to just upload on facebook. It is indeed a crazy world. But why couldn’t google+ stop it. Why is facebook the largest since quite some time now. So is it like the superpower. Well, people need change, not many think facebook as a charm now. So is that the time for facebook to do something? If yes, then what. It’s doing the best, retaining people, got the 1billion mark, millions of apps, likes and the entire facebook territory is a home to many. When we say many, we are pointing to 1/7th of the total population. That’s indeed quite a lot.

Then what is the threat? What will kill facebook? The sheer boredom will. The same old photos, the same wall, the chats. What can you do more in socializing virtually? Photos, chat! Comes to an end. How long will the same person do that on the same software. Yea, just because it is timeline now doesn’t mean it’s different. Think 10years down the line.  20years down the line. Or if not boredom, though google+ didn’t work, say Apple or Android will come up with something like facebook. The way facekook ate up orkut, something else will eat up facebook some or the other day. Because beat it, this is technology. Not a history or science that we are discussing. But what’s that big thing that can kill. Facebook has stood upright all through the years. So all these factors discussed above seem quite trivial to facebook now. Yes they are trivial.

It is the platform shift that surely will. Notebook’s, PC’s, TABS, Mobiles, everywhere facebook is doing well, none of them will hamper facebook. Maybe something all new innovation. Something a robot kind, something a clone kind. I don’t know what, because if I knew it, it would have already been implemented and killed facebook. Might be something all new fresh. A platform of the future. Something will definitely kill it. But is that happening now. Not at all! For a decade or more, facebook will keep ruling and might be second or first largest populated country. Might be. Or might have some less users, but will definitely rule. So yes, so far and a decade atleast more facebook remains the superpower.




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