Google’s New Privacy Policy : How Will Affect You?

It seems that with the real world, the virtual world on the network is also moving toward making things simple. That’s the reason why the internet giant Google has taken steps to by changing its Privacy Policy, in fact cutting down as many as 60 points from the document and making them much simple and short so that its easy for the users to read and understand. The new set of rules will come into effect from 1st March 2012 as indicated by the company on its page. Google has indicated its users by putting the link just below the search option in its search engine and spreading the information.

This move is taken by the company just after five days when the SOPA and PEPA were taken back. No where the company has related its step with that issue on bills but it seems that if the bill were passed the it would have been difficult to make the changes. These are few easy things that the company has aimed towards with its new policies :

1. Easy to work across Google : 

When a product can be used to its maximum when it’s simple and this is the point where the company aims at. With its new privacy policy company brings its products to the simplest form for its users. Google has tried to put its users family at its priority with the remainders for some kind of family function and tried to synchronise its wide range of applications for the ease.

2. Tailored for its users :

With this the company has aimed to tailor the search results for its users according to the interests that the user expresses in his/her Google+, gmail or Youtube account. I think this is really something one should look up to, because your search engine knows what you really want to search on the new. Some people may contradict me because you really don’t know when human mind changes its decision. And surely it’s going to make your search option faster and some time it will make you hate it.

3. Easy to share your work :

Everybody wants that their work to be looked by others and get appreciation for it. This feature is really not new but the company would try to make it much more easy for the people to share their online work around by remembering the contact list, people in interest and doing this process with minimal clicks and errors.

4. Privacy remains unchanged :

As Google claims to provide the wide range of services for its users like the Google Dashboard, Ad Preference Manager and various other tools. The company leaves its privacy policies unchanged so as to provide its users the ultimate privacy to their personal information.

5. How Google used your data :

Google provides the full access to the details how it used its users data, in what way but it still claims for the utmost privacy of the personal data. And also provides the some tips to be safe online i.e., one thing that really need to be checked. You check this here .

Is seems this time Google has really in stored some thing exciting goodies for its users. With the next level of online search,as I call it, let see how for this takes to its users. Will its really help the people or work in the a reverse manner -surely in some cases if not in many- lets hope for the best and relevant search results. And the other updates are quite tricky if you carefully read them in the official website.

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4 Responses to “Google’s New Privacy Policy : How Will Affect You?”

  1. sandeep Kumar

    Jan 29. 2012

    Great work Kunal…….most of the people present the new policy as a threat but you have highlighted its a different version…..

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    • Kunal Neeli

      Jan 29. 2012

      thank you… it does have some issues but still… the major concern is the privacy and security, n one thing for all the internet users, if you are putting anything online then be careful cz online data is visible to all no matter how much security u provide… hope you have shared the post sandeep…

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  2. Saikrishna

    Mar 01. 2012

    Enough by Google. Google is killing our privacy.

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  3. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 03. 2012

    Hmm. Nice knowledge Imparted here. I wasn’t aware about it.
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

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