Google launches Maps for iOS – A relief for iOS users.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Say bye bye to the inbuilt Apple Maps, as after apologizing Tim Cook has finally launched Google’s Native Maps for iOS users. This Maps version goes an upgrade to the prior Google Maps, with 3D effects and much more better Maps, Apple users can now be happy n merry with the launch. Google has worked for years for all the upgradations, new buildings and apartments coming up and just everything to get the best of the app. With this upgrade of Google Maps, surely the experience of using it will be enhanced.
Let us have a keen insight to what this Google Maps offer does.
The user interface is extremely powerful and speedy. There is no Menu bar, the Map is your interface, you can zoom – in and get the 3D Map. Am glad this app is built on OpenGL, it has just took the Maps experience to another level. And there is no more requirement of tapping, swipe with the new feature ‘info sheet’ embedded in it.

Find your apple device

Find your apple device

Info sheet usage:

You can scroll InfoSheet up and also visualize the Map simultaneously so you can navigate with a blazing speed from place to place. With info Sheet you have information brought from Google and Local. So the reviews submitted can also be viewed, also there is a ‘look around’ mode. With the help of it, one can see the photos that people have taken and also visualize the 3D modeling inside the venues, superfantastic!
Navigation usage:

Once you know where you want to go and from where. Pick your start location, your destined location and all possible routes will be at display with voice control turn by turn. A very smooth experience navigation will provide you. Just use it a couple of times and you will become a pro with it.
What we don’t like about this update comparatively to previous Google Maps:

You don’t know whether the bus or train stops at a particular location with this version of app. Public transport and walking directions are not up to the mark which were earlier there with Google’s version of Apple Maps. In a dense city with subways, close buildings and blocks this version is not a good experience.
Overall Verdict:

Basically a good update, enhanced version and with Maps itself being your own UI, it goes brilliant. And yes, it is out before Christmas, so all the gifts packed with iOS will have Google’s own Maps. Smart Move!


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4 Responses to “Google launches Maps for iOS – A relief for iOS users.”

  1. Kuldeep

    Dec 16. 2012

    Thank Goodness.
    For people like me who never remember directions, this is a great relief. i have actually got lost before due to iOS Maps.

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  2. sarika deshmukh@rpo india

    Dec 18. 2012

    what a amazing news Google launches Maps this is great news for everyone really thanks for the sharing me

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  3. Gmid Associates

    Dec 28. 2012

    I am really delighted to read this blog posts which consists of tons of valuable data, thanks for providing these kinds of data.

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  4. Azeem Abbass

    Dec 29. 2012

    This is the very good step of google because maps is the need of everyone. This blog is also helpful for everyone so thanks for providing these kinds of data.
    With use of google maps we can easily get our desitnation address which are we want to search and easily we can reached at our destination. So thanks to all google team and also thanks to u for providing the such kinds of information through this blogs.


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