Google Keep is a note-taking app with great potential

Before the arrival of Google launched in the week, there was no default note-taking app for automaton. It absolutely was an obtrusive hole, considering that Apple’s iPhone has inherent Notes and Reminders apps which will be powered by Siri.

Instead of sinking for a clean bones app to fill the void, the search big took things one step more. Keep is not merely simply an area to bank no matter random half-thought return to mind: Users will construct commotion lists, stash photos, and code your notes — bushed one well-designed and easy-to-use interface.

The second you log something into your phone, it’s conjointly accessible from a laptop browser via Google Drive. As an alternative, you’ll save things whereas performing on your pc, and it’ll instantly seem on your phone, prepared to be used whereas on the go.


The design might not be as progressive because the commotion app Clear, however Keep makes up for that in its simplicity and potency.Everything in Keep is bestowed sort of a Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) Windows Phone-esque stream of tiles. Swiping left or right can archive those notes you now not would like (but don’t need to erase entirely). At the highest of the app may be a text entry field that is your main purpose of entry for all new notes. And once viewing any specific note, sound and a part of that note (title, body, etc.) can enable you to edit it. The whole expertise is resistance.

That said, it isn’t attending to conquer the planet quite nonetheless. Organization choices area unit restricted — color cryptography is your solely selection, and you cannot re-order your notes. Sharing with others is usually restricted to email and Google+, and therefore the desktop options area unit pretty clean bones.

But that is the additional work of it being new, instead of poorly thought out. Like most things Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), expect the corporate to flesh out Keep over time and extremely flip it into our personal web junk drawer.

It’s easy to foresee the day the once users are going to be able to send something from their browser or Maps on to Keep. The prospect of Keep incorporating options of services like Interest or Pocket, or maybe creating it straightforward to catalog streaming media, may flip it into one thing huge. That ought to scare Evernote.

Keep isn’t the reinvention of the wheel in any side — there is a superfluity of third-party apps already obtainable for automaton. However it’s a well-executed refinement.


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