Google Glass Explorers Are Not Allowed To Sell the $1,500 Device

If you pay $1,500 for one thing, you typically wish to a minimum of have the choice of commerce it, ought to or not it’s necessary. Sadly for the 8000 individuals chosen for Google’s Glass human Program, Google will (and most likely will) deactivate your device if you are trying to sell it or provides it away. If you suddenly become strapped for money or decide you do not like Glass, tough luck.

The rule obligatory by Google in its terms of sale on the device came to light-weight once a urban center man WHO was chosen as AN human tried to sell his Glass on eBay. The person told Wired that he did not understand that he wasn’t allowed to sell his Glass till he was educated by different members of the Google Explorers Google+ cluster. “People were acting like I had did one thing profane,” he told Wired.

Here’s however Google spells out the restriction:


Unless otherwise approved by Google, you’ll solely purchase one Device, and you’ll not sell, loan, transfer, or offer your Device to the other person. If you sell, loan, transfer, or offer your device to the other person while not Google’s authorization, Google reserves the correct to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person victimization the Device are entitled to any refund, product support, or product guarantee.

It’s wild to assume that Google essentially has total management over one thing that you simply apparently own. So far, this rule solely applies to the human Program, though. It isn’t clear what the policy is once Glass is free to the lots. Explorers needn’t hide their Google Glass away, though. Glass comes with a “guest mode” thus Glass house owners will let their friends try the computerized specs while not messing up the owner’s timeline (or obtaining the Glass deactivated).


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