Google brings Indoor street view on Search Result Pages.

google maps indoor

google maps indoor

Google got its Indoor Street view technology sometime back under the name Google Business photos, however the images were too hard to find and were not that easy to locate in the Google’s listing. But now, be ready to find these images right on the search result pages. Yes, Google brings these images on the search pages by highlighting them on the right sidebar of the regular search results.

All that you need to do is click on the “see inside” image and you will be taken to the indoor imagery on Google Maps. So realistic it seems, trust me! No special interface you require, hence your search results pages are also there itself, also you need not click on back button when you want to exit from the Street View Interface.

Yes, so now view the images from inside in a very user friendly manner with Google’s this update. So Street View Images are online, and now easily accessible and user friendly. The indoor imagery is right now available with businesses that work with the company’s trusted photographers in countries like U.S., U.K.,  France, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada. The Street View walk through experience is worth a watch and businesses from these countries benefit that. For other countries too, the business owners can upload photographs and these photos are displayed on the pages in the similar manner however one can’t experience the Street View’s benefits like the walk through experience that we discussed above.



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