Getting a new android? Download these five must have android apps.

If this holiday season if you have got a new android phone, or planning to switch over to an android phone, then please download these 5 must have android apps. The most basic and important ones in no specific order.

  1. Snapseed
  2. Advanced mobile care
  3. Air Patriots
  4. Amazon cloud drive photos
  5. Fotodanz

Snapseed: A free app which is truly going to enhance your photo editing experience. It is the best android app I have come across for photo editing. From brightness to contrast levels, Saturation, focus all can be set for enhanced photos. All the ones who are used to clicking photos via mobile can just edit for a perfect photo via snapseed and enjoy it. Though a bit difficult to operate for newbie’s but once you are familiar with it, you are going to enjoy the various good edits that snapseed will offer to your photos.



Advanced mobile care: Keep the virus away, keep the harm away is what advanced mobile care is going to help you with. A free to download app developed by Advanced System Care scans your android device quickly and protects you from all the issues that are harmful.  All that you need to do is press the big fat button right in the middle once you open the app. The app will check all the spam, junk, virus and more, leaving with you an option to repair  and If that’s not enough you can also use those extra features for optimizing your system, conserve your battery life and secure your private files.


advanced mobile care

advanced mobile care

Air Patriots: Now, that you have thought of buying an android phone, play with this new platform with Air patriots. Air patriots is the first game developed and released by Amazon. This game is available for free to download and involves much known tower defense. However, when you play a game from tower defense genre, you are used to the stationary towers which is not the case with Air Patriots. This is incorporating only mobile units. A fun game involving tap and swipe routes and creating an efficient network of patrolling aircraft taking enemies into consideration. Go and explore this game.

Air patriots

Air patriots


Amazon Cloud Drive Photos: 

Amazon cloud drive photos

Amazon cloud drive photos

We’ve got an app more dedicated to photos on the top five must have android apps. With this app you can save your mobile photos directly in the cloud. With amazon cloud drive photos, you can with ease store photos in cloud than usual. Also for new users, Amazon provides 5GB of storage free. Isn’t that exciting? Download and reap the benefits. Yes, it is available for free.




With fotodanz you can create cinemagraph in a jiffy, that’s the specialty of this app. A cinemagraph is nothing but a static image with isolated areas looped in animation. One can isolate to a limit of 6 different areas to animate and also can capture 5 seconds of video in the loop. But you should know that you can do it only by using your mobile camera.


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4 Responses to “Getting a new android? Download these five must have android apps.”

  1. Matt

    Dec 27. 2012

    Hey !
    Wow.. sounds interesting. specially fotodanz. Thanks for informing us. I have bought HTC sensation XL recently, and i am going to have these Apps.

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    • Shreya

      Dec 28. 2012

      You are welcome. :D . Enjoy the apps, and share the post for others to benefit too. :D :D

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  2. Android apps

    Dec 30. 2012

    very useful apps for andriod

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  3. sara

    Jan 14. 2013

    im using snapseed, too. great software, works perfectly!! nice list! :)

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