Free Flip Covers and Tectiles for S III and Note II Users by Samsung

Flip Cover samsung S III

Flip Cover samsung S III


Samsung S III and Note II users, there is a real good news for you. If you have bought one this holiday season, please make a small effort by registering and in return get free flip cover and TecTiles. TecTiles the programmable NFC stickers are marked at $15 for a pack of five, and by a simple registration and making your profile being accessed by Samsung, you get them for free.


All that you need to do is register your Samsung S III or Note II on Samsung’s facebook page to receive those Christmas gifts by Santa Sammy.

Once you have registered by giving some of your personal details and letting them to have an access to your timeline is that you receive the Flip covers and TecTiles. The flip covers let me tell you come in amazing colours like red, pink, green, blue. Yes, the Tctiles haven’t bene that popular, but now thte $15 price tag TecTiles will be available for free, they might gain popularity. No, they are not available for other Samsung phones except S III and Note II, maybe they don’t have much of them for promotional offer.

All that we suggest you now is feel free to register and get your gifts.

Tectiles Samsung

Tectiles Samsung


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  1. Rakesh Narang

    Jan 02. 2013

    But this offer is only available for US buyers.. F*ck you Samsung!

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