Facebook Ready for a Big Update on Video Chat

One of the major aspect of social networking apart from updating your status or just sharing things with friends and worlds, it the social chat. This is the thing on which our generation spends most of its time. And the various social networking sites are spending most of there resources and time in providing better chat options for there users, from just typical chat box to video chat. Everything is getting enhanced these days.

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In this regard a major news as come from the various websites like the Mashable and TechCrunch, which have confirmed from its sources that the leading players in social networking site-Facebook- has confirmed testing its new Call button for video chat in the Timeline pages. As of the designs coming in now, Call button would be places next to the Message button in the profile page.

With the video chat features provided by the others social networks like the Google hangouts and Airtime, it seems that Facebook is ready to prove its stake at the heights position by providing better services.

It has been more than a year now that Facebook shook hands with the leading online video chat service provider Skype, but this option was not much visible on the site. And it did not work for most of the users for a long period of time. But this is not the first time Facebook is trying to get its hands on “Call” button and the similar feature.

As the words coming from the Facebook’s delegate that the “Call” button is only a test, so it remains much on the darker side whether it will become a permanent part of Timeline. As of now this feature is only available to some of the users using desktop version for testing the feature.

Let’s see whether Facebook be able to compete its competitors on the grounds of Social Chat or Video Chat. And it would be really amazing to see a Call button on the Timeline from a user point of view.

Let us wait and watch how far does this social network giant goes with its new experiment and how well its users utilize its upcoming feature.

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10 Responses to “Facebook Ready for a Big Update on Video Chat”

  1. Pulkit

    Jun 19. 2012

    Video conferencing on Facebook is awesome. Best service provided be Facebook .

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  2. video advertising

    Jun 20. 2012

    nice updates like its really very helpful for knowledge.thanks for sharing this concept.

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  3. Chiranjeev

    Jun 21. 2012

    Waiting for this update. It must be something awesome.

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  4. ratan garg

    Jun 21. 2012

    imagine. it will be great expreince.. i m waiting for this function

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  5. madhu

    Jun 26. 2012

    Another update from FB. Well i guess it will be successful if not for features but for the popularity of FB.

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  6. zara

    Sep 15. 2012

    It would be amazing if they start this. People will quit using everything from MSN to skype, only FB would be enough! :)

    Keep sharing the good work.


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  7. neha

    Sep 21. 2012

    Hi Kunal! Really Nice post. Videos chat is Awesome updation. I was waiting for this features. Really this is grateful for us. Well thanks for sharing with us.

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  8. ibadullah

    Sep 27. 2012

    I like all the updates Facebook is doing. Its keeping up to date and relevant a lot better than i was expecting. if they can keep doing this, they have a long future. I’m still waiting for this video update to come to me though. I still have not used it.

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