Alert!! Facebook Spams Back | Must Watch and Share

Facebook, World’s Number one social networking site with around 800 million active user is back with Facebook Spams. Daily around 10k peoples sign up to be a part of this world,including the child which are not even adult. You must have been thinking that why I am showing you this statics of which you all are very familiar with. There is a reason behind it .

Facebook is the most raising social media which can make anyone popular or even it is enough to bring you down from the top. How can you forget “Kolaveri Di” Song which became a Blockbuster in India & “Shraddha Sharma” ,the teen singer who got popularity due to Facebook Only. But beyond all this it has other side too ..Best Place for the Spammers & Hackers for fishing.

We have seen a lot of  Facebook spams. Recently the Bangalore Case in India where around more than 2 lakh Facebook Profile got hacked in a very single night just due to this spams. Now spammers are back again.

Two New types of spam thrilled the Facebook this week due to which most of the people lost their Profiles & many left Facebook due to this Vulgar and Pornographic Spams.

1.Girl killed herself after her dad posted a secret of her on here fb wall.!!!

                                            2.Yeah!! It happens on Live Television.!!!

Both the links having are associated with Blogspot to make it look exciting and real.

                                                 What will happen if you click????

When you click on this Facebook spams the spam get’s posted on all of your friend’s wall,you don’t see them but your friends do,then it seems as you posted it. Even the spam goes to your chat box automatically . One more thing of which no one is aware of ,it also got saved in your browser! Results whenever you login or anyone login with that browser on your computer it again get’s active and posted on all of your friend’s wall.

Be aware ….!!

If you see this kind of  Facebook spams in anyone wall or if it comes to your wall. Don’t think that your friend has pasted it and delete it a soon as possible .


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  1. Avinash

    Dec 14. 2011

    Thank God you posted this, I was thinking to read that article but now never!

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  2. Email Marketing Campaign

    Dec 14. 2011

    Fantastic! This is really a thought provoking write up for the content writers. Never have thought in that way before! I really appreciate you for posting such a nice and useful post. Thanks.

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