Facebook & Games?

Why do games play such a major part in social networking sites? Notifications are filled with the games updates and so is your wall. Even non gamers tend to spend hours on these games that come with facebook. From Zynga Poker to word games, from farmvile to crazy family games. Addictive that games are have seen a rise in people playing and be active on them.

So is the gaming culture getting its way with social sites as well. Nintendo attracted people and turned non gamers into gamers and so are social sites doing the same. Games that were not doing that well on social sites like facebook formerly are doing pretty good and steady rise in the number of players is an indication to the rise in gaming world at facebook. Yes, we do socialize while playing games, and so the biggest social networking site has its feet on the right track making its users so involved in games. Have you been at the app center in facebook? You definitely have. The app center comes with all the games, its reviews, what’s new. And with facebook you know which of your friend likes which game and is playing which game. In fact many people browse games via app center and end up playing the most popular games out there. Facebook is really doing well in all its sectors and so is doing even in the gaming sector. The small team of facebook comparatively to its 1billion users is leaving no stone unturned for making its users to be attracted. Gaming with facebook has improved to quite an extent, which has surely added a feather to their cap with all the joy being involved in gaming with facebook.

Well, it is like I alone wouldn’t like to play a game because gaming is like not what I like or say my hobby. But I might just get stuck to it with a group of people involved in it. Now, that is what the key part is that drives in millions of users to be an active user of the various games offered at the facebook platform. We have fun at facebook, chat with people, socialize and yes that is the same what we do even when we are playing a game with facebook. Chat, play, socialize and yes have fun.


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