Facebook announces Graph Search – You can now Facebook It

At a press event, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced its latest product named Graph Search. This is not a web search that we are talking about, it’s a graph search. Are you wondering for the difference?

Facebook new product

Facebook new product

It is like when you want to search something and you put your query on the web search, it will provide you with all those links where your query could be answered. While the Graph search will give you answers and not links. That’s the way towards technological advancement this year it seems.

However as for now it is taking early steps. Its first Iteration is suppose to be related to people, friends, photos, places and people’s interests. Like You can ask “Who all from my friends like an xyz band?” If me and you both enquire about the same question, the answers are going to be entirely different. Even if two people have considerable amount of mutual friends, then too the results will be different because everyone shares a different relationship. You can search among your friends for what so ever you want. Like who among my friends are single, and say American? Because I want to find a single American man for my American female friend. Exciting! This new idea seems to be involving.

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search

So it is like when you want reviews about a certain restaurant, it’s not long that Facebook will provide with what your friends like and what did they review than what other search engines come with reviews from random people. Movies that your friends like, or say photos clicked at the HRC and so much more to explore. These reviews you know you can trust because you know they are from your own friends. You can search for places that your friends have visited and check out those photos. That is Graph search all about.

Yes, it is going to change the way we use Facebook and also make us go more involving with it as the trusted reviews from friends come along. So yes guys now we will Facebook it apart from Google it.


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6 Responses to “Facebook announces Graph Search – You can now Facebook It”

  1. dolly

    Jan 18. 2013

    we are used Facebook and also make us go more involving with it as the reliable users from friends come along, so it is helping blog for who use social media.
    thanks to share blogs

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  2. Mohd Aktar

    Jan 18. 2013

    WOW!! That’s cool :)

    I see, Facebook is including new features and making more user friendly. That is the main reason it is largest social media site.

    It’d be great experience to use Facebook graph search. :)

    Thanks :)

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  3. Anchit Shethia

    Jan 21. 2013

    Hi..Actually i am a 1st time visitor here. Just wanted to tell that can you pls increase the font size of articles? Its difficult to read it.
    I will be back soon in 2 days to read em :)

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  4. Steve

    Jan 25. 2013

    great achievement for Fb and his founder and i can say great efforts also he contentiously working on it and also trying to give a perfect environment to every user.

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  5. anis chity

    Jan 26. 2013

    very cool article about Graph search it’s relly n interesting feature by facebook

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  6. mary

    Feb 15. 2013

    Really cool article. You have provided such a detailed information about graph search.

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