Configurations to Look for While Buying a Laptop

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Computers have evolved over the years and customers have enjoyed its benefits due to the advancement of technology. Improvements have been noticed not only in terms of technological enhancements but also in terms of appearance and design as well. Today desktops, laptops, and netbooks all are available in great slim design with awesome features. Of these, the latter two have become more popular amongst consumers due to their portable nature. In the market, there are so many brands with each one of them offering a wide range of configuration options, which makes the task of choosing the right quite daunting. However, if you are clear about the purpose of buying a laptop, the buying task is that difficult. Further, it becomes easier to decide what configurations one must opt for and accordingly pick the right product. Some might want to buy a laptop for office use; whereas, others need it purely for traveling purpose.

Irrespective of the purpose, you must always take a look at some of the configurations that will help you in picking the right laptop. Laptops are available from different brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Sony, Samsung, and Lenovo to name a few. If you have a preference for a particular brand, check out the configurations available for that brand. A point to remember is that one should opt for brands that have a Service Centre nearby to ensure minimum fuss of giving the laptop for repairs. Here are some configurations for you to check out!

  • Hard Disk: If you are looking for huge storage, opt for a laptop with huge hard disk capacity of 500GB to 1000GB. If you are looking to store large media files on the laptop, limited hard disk will be of no use. With just a handful of few files, the storage capacity will be full and the adverse effect can also be seen on the performance.
  • RAM: Some programs not only eat up more memory but also require greater memory for installation. For instance, on a Windows 7 machine, one needs 1GB RAM for optimum performance. Depending on the types of software, you will need a high or low memory configuration. Also check whether the laptop offers you with additional slots for extending the memory when needed.
  • Display Card: If you are someone working in the design industry, a good display card is a must for rendering better graphics. So, do check for the display card options provided while buying the laptop. Mac books come with brilliant display cards and are generally preferred by the designers.
  • Sound System: Test the sound quality before buying the laptop. If you need a laptop for enjoying movies, a good sound system is a must.
  • USB Ports: Generally, laptops come with two USB ports now-a-days, which is adequate for general use. Anything more will be a bonus.
  • Operating System: Last but not the least, check which operating system is bundled with the laptop before buying. This will help avoid later headaches of installations.

Along with the above-mentioned points, one must also consider insuring their laptops against accidental risks and it is recommended to opt for an extended warrantee to avoid heavy repair charges. Buying an extended warrantee might increase the cost of the laptop for sure but at the same time, it will secure your laptop from accidental damage repair charges. In addition, one can opt to buy a suitable skin for the laptop, which is easily available from the market and even online. Many companies provide you with an option to customize the laptop skinit to suit your laptop and give it a personal look.


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