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With the tablet competition, when Amazon came with the specific tablet for ereaders, a new segment was introduced. All the book readers which wanted something related to e reading got a tablet with Amazon. But with the arrival of kindle, this market was taken to another level. In competition to it, came along the Barne’s and Noble’s nook. Touchscreens, size, looks all added up in the competition among the reader tabs.

If you are looking for a comparison between all these tabs, then we already have the complete comparison right here in this article. Go through it and grab the best ereader tablet that suits you. The tablets that we are going to include in this segment for specs and reviews:

  1. Amazon’s Kindle PaperWhite
  2. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Inch*
  3. Kindle
  4. Kindle Keyboard
  5. Barnes and Noble’s Nook Simple Touch with glowlight
  6. Nook Simpletouch

Yes, Kobo Glow, Sony’s readers are out there in the market. But at the same prices why wouldn’t you like to grab something best. Do you have a question as in why only kindle and nook. Why not from some other brand? Well, when it comes to digital reading, kindle and nook are the leaders. So, let’s narrow our selection in them itself.


kindle paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

Well all the stated above tabs are 6” tabs except the Kindle Fire HD which is 8.9 Inch. What makes me include this 8.9 Inch tab is for the readers with weak site, this tab could be useful as it offers wider screen. While all the rest though of same inches, vary in resolution and touchpads. When it comes to resolution, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite (1024 x 758) offers the best after the 8.9Inch (1920 x 1200) tab. All of the others offer a resolution of 800 x 600. Kindle’s paperwhite and both the nook’s have touchscreen while the rest have physical controls.

*Note that Amazon’s Kindle fire HD 8.9 Inch is included for the weak reader purpose and all it specifications are quite varied as this tab can be considered for overall purposes like games etc. So when I say ‘all’, it definitely doesn’t include this 8.9 Inch tablet as it is not basically for only ereading purpose, however the sole purpose of me including this tab in this list is the wide screen for weak eyesight ereaders. So hence further in this article I will not be comparing its specs.


kindle keyboard

kindle keyboard

All of them offer storage of 2GB except the Kindle Keyboard which comes with 4GB. Both the nook’s come along with micro SD option while the rest don’t. Well books don’t take major space, so this shall suffice taking into consideration that purchases can be stored in cloud as well.





Size and Weight:



Well sizes too are not majorly different and so is not the weight. Coming to the surface area and weight, kindle is the smallest and lightest while kindle keyboard the largest and heaviest. Not a major different as such in rest.





Battery life and Charging time

nook simpletouch with glowlight

nook simpletouch with glowlight

  1. Amazon’s Kindle PaperWhite:  8weeks battery life, 4hourscharging time
  2. Kindle:  4weeks battery life, 3hourscharging time
  3. Kindle Keyboard: 8weeks battery life, 4.5hourscharging time
  4. Nook’s simple touch with glowlight: 4weeks battery life, 3.5hourscharging time
  5. Nook’s simple touch: 8weeks battery life, 3.5hourscharging time

Brilliant! All of them come with a month’s or 2month’s battery without charging. There it shoes how specific it’s use is:reading. The battery consumed for the same is less which gives these tabs a high battery life.


All these five come with wi-fi while kindle’s keyboard and paperwhite are sold with 3G free data.

Starting price:

nook simpletouch

nook simpletouch

  1. Amazon’s Kindle PaperWhite:  $119
  2. Kindle:  $69
  3. Kindle Keyboard: $139
  4. Nook’s simple touch with glowlight: $119
  5. Nook’s simple touch:  $99

Well yes, there is a difference out here. Kindle goes really cheap. Well, let me tell you all the kindle tabs come with ‘Special Offers’ by default. If that is not what you want because it ought to irritate then you may shed $20 more to switch them off. So, choice is entirely yours!

What makes Kindle Paperwhite and Nook’s  Simpletouch with glowlight stand out is the ability to read in dark. I mean why not that be necessary, when you are going the digitized way. And what makes the paperwhite have an edge over the simpletouch with glowlight is the evenly-lit feature. That’s all I guess is basically required to choose a tab specific for reading. Post me up with your thoughts while for general tabs comparisons on an overall perspective check out our Want to grab the best tablet?


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