Clear calls, stunning photos, but too pricey

A less refined cousin-german to Sony’s current flagship phone, the Xperia Z, the Xperia ZL has lots to supply, as well as a similar powerful elements and spectacular 13-megapixel imaging system. Priced at a usurious $759.99, though, this golem French telephone isn’t any impulse get. That said, as its running candy out of the box, self-praise an enormous 5-inch screen, and with support for 4G LTE, it’s nicely appointed. If you are going to pay this abundant on a phone, however, there are different equally spectacular unbolted choices, like the HTC One Developer Edition.


Sony definitely used its current style language to craft the dark and skinny black block that’s the Xperia ZL. The ZL’s clean lines, sleek rectangular form, and shiny edges would work right in if set next to the company’s HDTVs and residential theater instrumentation.


If you are expecting an expensive build quality adequate that of Sony’s flagship Xperia Z, you will not realize it within the ZL. In contrast to the Z, the Xperia ZL does not have a water- and dust-resistant chassis. The phone conjointly uses an additional mundane plastic back and not the premium glass material the Xperia Z sports. Still, the ZL’s unsmooth back cowl is pleasant to the bit, repels fingerprints, and offers a positive grip.

Measuring simply zero.39 in. thick, the device is additionally svelte and straightforward to slip into tight pockets. With an oversized five-inch screen and at 5.18 inches tall by a pair of.7 inches wide, putting the ZL aboard different things may be a squeeze. The phone has some heft, too, tipping the scales at five.33 ounces.

Physical controls on the Xperia ZL area unit distributed, and also the phone’s right edge holds solely a skinny volume rocker, power key, and dedicated shutter button. During a distinctive style twist, Sony has placed the circular power key at the middle of the handset’s right aspect. I found it to be at intervals short reach of my thumb, however honestly i might rather have it positioned slightly higher on the spine for additional comfort.

On the left aspect is that the Micro-USB port, whereas up prime may be a customary three.5mm earpiece jack. Another fascinating style alternative is that the placement of the 2-megapixel front camera. It sits below the screen within the bottom right corner, not the standard spot on top of the phone’s show. I do just like the Xperia ZL’s skinny, sliver like notification lightweight, conjointly beneath the show, that pulses in numerous colors once alerts appear.

You will realize a 13-megapixel main camera on the rear of the ZL, in conjunction with AN LED flash. Conjointly here may be a little speaker and a door that has access to each SIM card and microSD card slots. The phone’s a pair of, 370 MAH batteries is embedded, however, therefore it’s formally passive.


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