6 Tips for Creating and Using Unique and Safe Password

Choosing a safe password to access your account is crucial. Hackers use lists of common passwords to access accounts across various websites. It is therefore critical that you use a strong, unique and safe password.

  • Use a mixture of letters, numbers and characters – like characters above the numbers on many keyboards such as %, $, £ and !.
  • Avoid names as these are easily broken.
  • The longer the password is, the stronger it usually is but the harder it is to recall.
  • Avoid writing your passwords down by choosing a password you can remember.

So how can we balance safe password that need to be long and complex with the ability for a human to remember them without writing them down?

There are a number of ways to create a safe password, so why not try some of the following techniques:

1. Use a sentence as your password

Passwords are limited to 20 characters but you can create a difficult password to crack by using a short sentence. Include numbers in your passwords, so instead of “MyReallyGoodPassword” try “MyR3allyG00dPassw0rd”.

2. Include uppercase and lowercase

“mypassword” is not as secure as “MyPaSSworD” so add in a few capitalization to make a safe password.

Do check : How to Secure Your Password With Microsoft Tool

3. Make the password personal to you

Your password is something that only you should know and not something that someone else could easily find out. For instance, a password that was the name of your dog or a favourite movie are something that others might know. With the advent of social networking a lot of personal information is available about you, so try to think of something that only you know. How about looking outside and describing something you see ”The River Flowing!” or ”A Yellow caR”.

4. Unique password per site

We all have large numbers of websites that we have to remember our username and password for but not all sites are created equal. Whilst some service providers care passionately and invest heavily in your security, unfortunately not all sites do. So use passwords that are unique to each website you use in order to prevent any compromise of those other sites from affecting your online account.

5. Strange and special characters

Including in your password punctuation, symbols and other non standard characters all help to increase the strength of your password. Take care with spaces however, and only use them in the middle of your password and not at the beginning or the end. For example, ”I Really L0ve Teckilla$” and ”^ have a $strong password!!”

6. Change your password regularly

A password should be considered to live for only a short period of time. Keeping the same password for many years is not recommended but equally changing it every day might result in making it hard to remember! So try to change your password as often as practical, for instance a couple of times a year.

Some Free Useful Android Applications to choose safe password :

Password Strength Checker

Measures the complexity of your password and determines its strength.

Security Key Generator

Provides WEP keys in sizes of 64-bits, 128-bits & 256-bits for safeguarding your router.

Strong Password Generator

Generates strong passwords of desired length with indicated set of elements.

And remember, if you do think that your account may been compromised or even suspect it, then go to your account and change your password immediately to a unique and safe password.

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7 Responses to “6 Tips for Creating and Using Unique and Safe Password”

  1. Stacy

    Apr 24. 2012

    Those are great tips, thank you for sharing them!

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  2. Hermina Whitley

    Apr 25. 2012

    Most of the time, I use a phrase in my favorite song or a verse in the Bible as a password. Although it’s much longer than the usual passwords, it’s worth using.

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  3. Satyakam @ Grassroots marketing

    Apr 28. 2012

    Hey Hursh, it’s a great share as everyone needs a strong password in the unsafe online world.

    I chose one using these tips. :)

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  4. Avinash

    Apr 29. 2012

    Nicely written….now it makes hard disk fee pc :D

    onething, competition will be tough in cloud service providers and really others will improve their service.

    Awesome article :)

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