How to Secure Your Password With Microsoft Tool

Passwords are the ­­mantras we use in modern world to enter into the magical world of internet today. Email accounts, social networking sites, online bank accounts or whatever it may be, we access all these with passwords. So no wonder it’s vital that we use secure passwords and manage them so that we don’t lost them or let anyone fall into others hands.

It’s better to use different passwords for different accounts and LastPass to manage my passwords across different websites can be helpful to you in managing these.

secure your password

But these services are helpful only if your passwords are good ones and not easily guessable. A very good tool is found online made available by Microsoft which shows the password how strong or weak your password is.

Microsoft’s Password Checker -

  • Go to this link, and type in your password that you want to check
  • It shows the level of strength of your password.

An alpha-numerical combination along with a mix of special characters gives you good password usually. This way, your password is less prone to being broken or guessed.

Here is another online tool to check the strength of your passwords across different parameters.

Try these out guys and check how secure and protected you are when it comes to your online world.


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  1. anshul sharma

    Mar 11. 2012

    A nice article!!!

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  2. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 14. 2012

    Seems to be a nice too. WiIll try it.

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