WhatsApp grows bigger than Twitter 1

WhatsApp grows bigger than Twitter

WhatsApp, the just about free electronic messaging app, currently has a lot of users than Twitter and carries a lot of messages than Facebook, in line with its chief government. The service has attracted ... Continue Reading →
Facebook gives U.S. users free calls in Messenger for Android 2

Facebook gives U.S. users free calls in Messenger for Android

Facebook is delivery its voice-over-IP vocation feature to even a lot of its users on the golem platform. On Thursday, the corporate value-added the free vocation practicality for U.S. users of Facebook ... Continue Reading →
Mark zuckerberg at the event

Facebook announced Facebook Home for Android, check out what’s it all about

The new Facebook Home gives an entirely new Facebook experience for Android operating system. The standard Android home screen will now experience an altogether facebook feel with the photos, status updates, ... Continue Reading →
Facebook new product

Facebook announces Graph Search – You can now Facebook It

At a press event, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced its latest product named Graph Search. This is not a web search that we are talking about, it’s a graph search. Are you wondering for ... Continue Reading →
zynga poker

Zynga parts its ways with facebook, will it be now a gambling or a gaming company?

Let’s discuss on it! We are well aware of the games like Farmville, poker played on Facebook via Zynga by many of the facebook users. Zynga and facebook were a team but with the recent news of Zynga ... Continue Reading →

Has facebook lost its charm?

Google threated Microsoft, facebook proved a big threat to google, which made them launch google+. Is there something in the market or anything that you can smell which will kill facebook? Well, not yet.  ... Continue Reading →

Whatsapp to be acquired by facebook soon?

The popular messaging app working on multiplatform mobiles from androids to nokia, from blackberry to iPhones, this crazy app is already being used by innumerable users and the giant facebook is on talking ... Continue Reading →

Will FB slowdown with the security concern of 1billion users.

When we talk about securing information of 1 billion people, difficulty does arise and that’s what facebook had always predicted. Now, facebook has an option of HTTPS to the users when they login with ... Continue Reading →
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