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Unrevealed HTC TitanIII appears on Xbox

It was believed and rumored that the Taiwan’s HTC will launch three new handsets based on Windows but of the three only two came in the picture with HTC 8X and 8S launched sometime back. So, where did ... Continue Reading →

Jelly Bean updates available this month with Sony.

The new 4.1 Jelly Bean OS of Android’s updates will be available this month for Sony they announced. When will the release date be there, is however not sure. First quarter of 2013 is what Sony had said ... Continue Reading →
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Is Android eating Apple’s market?

We are well aware of the innovations offered by the Android and its smartphones, also the low prices that come along with it. While when we come across I-phones, the market comparatively is decreasing. ... Continue Reading →
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Android’s Iris, a Siri like assistant, now integrated with Activity Tracker app Friday

So there out is a competition to Siri with Dexetra’s Iris that got integrated with activity tracker app Friday on the thanksgiving Friday. Iris is an assistant, so replica of Siri to help you, to ... Continue Reading →

HTC deluxe 5 Inch – Leaked new snaps

HTC enters the 5inch bracket of phones with the HTC deluxe smartphone. This smart device gets a 1.5GHz quad-core processor with it. An amazing camera with 8 megapixel and the latest Android Jelly Bean ... Continue Reading →

Lenovo 5-inch Phablet With Dual-SIM: Buzz

If the sources are to be believed then Lenovo is currently working on the 5 inches of phablet. With the emerging trend of large display smart phones, many smart phone firms are largely focusing on coming ... Continue Reading →

Aakash 2: Thing You Want To Know

The much awaited, most anticipated and as per the Indian Govt, most affordable tablet is finally available to eager students. Priced at just Rs 1130, Aakash 2 is supposed to be a benchmark in the tab world. ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Camera: An Awesome Camera & A Coolest Gadget 2012

You might not believe but this is true that Samsung Galaxy Camera is not just an awesome camera but on the top of it is a coolest gadget to be seen this year. As the first camera is now available with ... Continue Reading →
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