The gorgeous HTC One is a winner 3

The gorgeous HTC One is a winner

As HTC’s new flagship smart phone, the HTC One is packed to the rafters with top-notch parts and technologies together with a number of the most recent process gear from Qualcomm. Additionally to ... Continue Reading →
The evolution of Samsung 3

The evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S smart phones (video)

At last, Samsung has introduced the globe to the Galaxy S4 smart phone, holding its 5-inch toy aloft sort of a very little electronic Simba. Whereas the South Korean technical school giant’s latest ... Continue Reading →
Strong Lumia sales fail to salvage Nokia 3

Strong Lumia sales fail to salvage Nokia

A strong showing for Nokia’s high-end Lumia vary of smartphones didn’t cowl the loss incurred by poorly performing arts sales of its basic mobile devices within the half-moon, results discharged ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hardware Review: Features Overloaded

Samsung’s new smart phone, Galaxy S4, is a unique and outstanding device on the hardware front. It has got slightly larger screen than its predecessor, Galaxy S III, at 4.99 inch. However, the smart ... Continue Reading →
Six Android apps you 2

Six Android apps you’ll thank me for (you’re welcome)

As a reviewer of automaton apps, it’s my role to smell out what is hot and fascinating on Google Play. I create it some extent to do out apps recent and new, likewise as big-name apps, apps from ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S4 camera software hands 2

Samsung Galaxy S4 camera software hands-on (video)

Samsung showed off its fashionable new super phone, the Galaxy S4, at a London launch event, thus I took the chance to require a deeper verify a number of the new camera options. i used to be solely able ... Continue Reading →
Nokia shipped 5 2

Nokia shipped 5.6M Lumias during first-quarter

Nokia according weaker than expected earnings on Thursday, causation a transparent signal to partner Microsoft that it continues to struggle obtaining back on the monetary track. It comes solely some days ... Continue Reading →
Motorola's $271M Q1 loss drags on Google's results 2

Motorola’s $271M Q1 loss drags on Google’s results

Google’s Motorola business continues to struggle within the competitive mobile market, posting a loss of $271 million within the half-moon and pain results at its parent company. Excluding things, ... Continue Reading →
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