Will FB slowdown with the security concern of 1billion users.

When we talk about securing information of 1 billion people, difficulty does arise and that’s what facebook had always predicted. Now, facebook has an option of HTTPS to the users when they login with ... Continue Reading →

Samsung’s S Voice APK Leaked Online – Download Here

Samsung announced last week that it soon-to-be-released S Voice application on your rooted Android 4.0 smartphone. The APK has now made its way into the wild. But the firmware for Samsung’s Galaxy ... Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Creating and Using Unique and Safe Password

Choosing a safe password to access your account is crucial. Hackers use lists of common passwords to access accounts across various websites. It is therefore critical that you use a strong, unique and ... Continue Reading →

Monitor your Windows Phones with Mobile Spying Software

Monitoring cell phones has become highly important in today’s technological world. As far as monitoring software for windows phones are concerned, like Mobile Spying Software there are very few monitoring ... Continue Reading →

iPad3 Jailbroken on the Launch Day Itself

iPad3 Jailbroken - The new Apple iPad – iPad3 jailbroken on the launch date itself. iPad3 jailbroken has already been done in at least three different ways. On the same day that Apple started ... Continue Reading →

3 Applications to Help You Overcome Broadband Internet Censorship

The government has always wanted to know and control what its people do and it will always want to for a very long time by internet censorship. It would be better if only the government wants to, but what ... Continue Reading →

Is your website secure from hackers?? Hear it Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

I am pretty sure most of website admins must have heard of the name SHADOOW KHAN, if not then this article is exclusively for you all. So who is Shadoow Khan? Well, Shadoow Khan is one of the famous ... Continue Reading →

How to Secure Your Password With Microsoft Tool

Passwords are the ­­mantras we use in modern world to enter into the magical world of internet today. Email accounts, social networking sites, online bank accounts or whatever it may be, we access all ... Continue Reading →
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