iPad 3 : The Next Big Thing

The upcoming iPad 3 is slated to be the next big thing to grace the market. And this comes from one of the world’s leading gadgets maker. It has been quite long since the rumors about the tab are ... Continue Reading →
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Top Real Estate Applications For Your iPhone

In today’s fast faced life everything is dealt with the help of iPhone’s and mobiles and real estate business is not away from it. Now people are moving towards mobile based applications to deal with ... Continue Reading →

Macworld 2012: iPro Lens System Turns iPhone Into a Pro-Grade Camera

At this year’s Macworld event, Schneider Optics showed off their camera lens package, the iPro Lens System. The package includes a clever protective cover, fisheye and wide-angle lenses, and a case that ... Continue Reading →
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Apple Catching Up to Android: True or False?

Nielsen recently came out with a study that states that the iPhone 4S jumpstarted iPhone sales last quarter, finally boosting Apple’s market share. While Nielsen had formerly stated that only about 25% ... Continue Reading →

Apple’s iPhone and iPad could be banned in Germany

  Well Apple’s iPhone might have built an empire taking over the world. But looks like there could a break to it, at least in Germany. By what they have described as a victory for Motorola, ... Continue Reading →

Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo On iPhone 3G / 2G Using Bootlace in Cydia

Probably the most easiest way to install Android on an iPhone 2G/3G is via iPhoDroid,But the problem with it is; you should have a computer to run the whole process of installing Android on your iPhone ... Continue Reading →
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