iTunes store

Bollywood music and movies can now be downloaded on iTunes for India.

Apple brings its iTunes store now to India, so the local songs and movies can be downloaded by Indians. So the users can download bollywood also along with the various international markets. This includes ... Continue Reading →

Livestar – A recommendation App

Livestar, a mobile App that let’s one have recommendations from their friends and colleagues has come up with its new software which has eliminated the bugs and errors in the previous one and is surely ... Continue Reading →
apple maps

Will Siri and Maps come with OS X?

Apple has always been a remarkable example out there but not when we talk about Maps or Siri. For maps infact Tim Cook has been seen apologizing multiple times and nor is Siri being delivered up to the ... Continue Reading →
nokia here

iOS release with Nokia Here

The problem with Apple’s maps has been considerable enough. How much time is that going to take to upgrade is a question. Cupertino’s Maps has serious problems which makes Apple to introduce the iOS ... Continue Reading →

Amazon New Kindle Fire 8.9 Inch

Amazon Tablets with New Kindle Fire 8.9 Inch are so much in the hotlist. They have a HDMI out, free movies that come along with prime, an 8.9HD screen which is comparable to I-pad’s, the most sorted ... Continue Reading →

Want to grab the best tablet?

Let us have a brief look at the best tablets from all ranges out there. So, you can grab what suits you the best from specifications to prices. We have got the best from the market for you, comparison ... Continue Reading →

3D Printer

3D Printer Form 1 Gets 6X Its $100K Funding Goal On Kick starteràIn One Day! When Chester Carton  invented the printer in 1983, hardly did he know that he had started a revolution. Since then we’ve ... Continue Reading →

Firefox Browser New Changes

Background Updates In this version of Firefox, the browser will automatically perform updates in the background. One of Mozilla’s major competitors, Google, has been upgrading its browser, Chrome, ... Continue Reading →
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