As Nintendo’s Fils-Aime touts 3DS, he sidesteps Wii U’s woes

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was quite willing to speak regarding his company’s mobile device, the 3DS, in an exceedingly recent interview. However once it came to the Wii U, he ... Continue Reading →
Razer sabertooth

Xbox 360 controller Razer Sabertooth review

The buttons that Razer’s Onza sabertooth controller carries is going to drive you crazy. Very handy, picky and fast click face buttons for the real time clicks that you require. What’s more in this ... Continue Reading →
Halo 4 XBox360

Halo 4 is one of the best games of 2012

The best visuals out there with Halo 4 at Xbox360 this year. It has took this game to just an another level, while I was of the opinion to just get off with Halo because of the same monotonous environment, ... Continue Reading →
zynga poker

Zynga parts its ways with facebook, will it be now a gambling or a gaming company?

Let’s discuss on it! We are well aware of the games like Farmville, poker played on Facebook via Zynga by many of the facebook users. Zynga and facebook were a team but with the recent news of Zynga ... Continue Reading →

Angry Birds Star Wars And More

Rovio does it once again, after months of teasers and leaks the next installment of the stellar Angry Birds is now available, aka Angry Birds Star wars.  Angry Birds Star Wars is the ultra popular franchise ... Continue Reading →

Bad Piggies Amazing Game – Rovio

Bad Piggies a completely new game from our old friend, Rovio. The game has completely shifted corners, this is the first time when you will be actually playing as pig and not birds. The birds might get ... Continue Reading →

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Skins its Teeth into Android

The Call Of Duty, one of the most dominating name in the Gaming industry with is war-time first-person shooter, has been on the line in the mobile market for a while. And it had been quite some time that Call ... Continue Reading →
the dark knight rises mobile game

The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game now on iOS and Android

As every new blockbuster movie has to have a game tie-in, that’s been a rule of law since the early days of gaming. How come the recent blockbuster “The Dark Night Rises” would leave ... Continue Reading →
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