Blackberry Z10 review – OS 10 follows.

The Blackberry Z10, a handset which has several hopes by blackberry was announced on 30th January by the CEO Thorsten Heins. With BB 10 being a talk of the town, the Q10 and Z10 phones seem to be quite impressive and do stand a chance in the market. Let’s have a quick brief of its specs and features and review the all new Blackberry Z10.


Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10

Display : 4.2 Inch LCD with a pixel density of 356ppi


Operating System: BB 10

Processor: 1.5 GHz Dual Core

Storage: Internal storage of 16GB with expandable micro SD.

Camera: 8MP rear camera with LED flash

                2MP front camera with HD capture

Connectivity: NFC, microUSB, microHDMI ports

The blackberry guys have taken time and patience to design a good product from the blackberry side. It is stylish and trendy buy then quite strict too like other blackberry’s. The plastic body is designed up to the mark and with 356ppi things are crystal clear on the 4.2” display. It is dual core which is not much to be spoken about, but the system is optimized well and works at a rapid speed. The common problem of Blackberry phones getting ‘hanged’ will not be much of an experience with the Blackberry Z10, thanks to the BB10 operating system. When we talk about storage, internal storage of 16GB is decent; however there is a micro SD slot so you can expand easily. And we do expect 32 and 64GB internal storage Blackberry Z10 phones to be introduced also. However, with microSD card being in the picture, not a major issue to be thought of.

The camera comes with 8MP camera and all those important stuff like `080p video recording, auto-focus, LED flash. So again not much of worry I would say. We also have various software features introduced with BB10 like Time Shift that allows you to take a succession of photos just like the Burst Shot and you can chose the one which you like the most. And now that the most loved messenger BBM will support video calls, a major eye – catcher is right there for BB lovers with goodies like camera, storage et all also packed in. The front camera of 2MP shall be of help for the video mode of BBM which has a support of zoom up to 3x and video recording of 720p. Nothing goes better right.

We also have support of 70,000 apps for the new BB10 which is going to be a big seceding factor of how popular does this phone and operating system becomes. Because apps was where Blackberry lacked majorly too, which shouldn’t be a hiatus now.

As of now we can just sit on our seats and see the show, let us explore more, use it play with with it and see the market response to come to a analysed conclusion about BB10 and Blackberry Z10.


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