BlackBerry 10 to support deep integration with EverNote – the online notes service.

Research in Motion, the company behind Blackberry is supposed to have a deep integration with the online notes service EverNote for its Operating System Blackberry 10. It is not publicly told or demonstrated but with what testing and software work is done, this appears to be the case.

Evernote for Blackberry

Evernote for Blackberry

The functions like your emails, contacts will be organized but also you have Notebooks to organize over here. Let me brief you about notebooks. For example if you have a ‘to do list’, Like your Microsoft outlook can, here with Blackberry OS 10 also you can mark as complete, incomplete. This shall surely be a way for blackberry. So what will happen with the notebook entries is that they will be synchronized with the EverNote entry. Evernote will help people store and edit photos, audios, web pages and synchronize with personal computers, mobile devices, in the cloud, with 45million users already a part of Evernote.

With iOS and Android ruling the market and blackberry losing its customers, apart from BBM (Blackberry Messenger) there will be some other good functions too to look forward for a BB phone.

By Jan end next year, when the RIM’s Blackberry OS 10 will be unveiled, hopes can be maintained by Research in Motion though it is losing quite a lot out there in the market. With the RIM’s CEO’s statement that “We will win back users with blackberry 10” shall get its verdict soon. As its tagline suggests “Re-designed, re-engineered, re-invented” seems to suit with Evernote in the picture of Blackberry 10.


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