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Bad Piggies a completely new game from our old friend, Rovio. The game has completely shifted corners, this is the first time when you will be actually playing as pig and not birds. The birds might get angry now. There is hardly any similarity between Bad Piggies and Angry Birds apart from the charactes. The game has moved to next level in terms of play. Lets have a look how bad these piggies are.


The pigs are planning to capture the eggs from the birds, unfortunately, the plans were blown away by the winds and the pigs have to get all the eggs back. For this task they have various objects at their disposal for example balloons, motors, some rockets which work as NOS, YEAH!! You got it right, and with help these and many more the pigs have to commute from start to end.


Talking about gameplay, Bad piggies is somewhere near to Amazing Alex, Where’s my perry, etc. In each level, you will be provided with a single pig or two pigs and your task is to assemble a vehicle around the pig/s so as to transport him to the end of the level. All the assembly is to be done in a grid, which is provided at the start of the game.

The various objects include boxes, wheels, ballons, TNT, rockets, umbrellas, etc. Each object has a specific purpose. The boxes form the chassis/frame  of the vehicle the other objects are to attached accordingly. You can make a number of vehicle type and achieve the desired goal. At times you may also get objects such as motor, engines, which combined with a fan helps move the vehicle faster.

There are several in-game tips that can be accessed at any point of time while you are assembling your vehicle. Once you are done assembling you just click on the play button (tick symbol) and the level starts. You can use the objects while the game is on for example switch on the fan to fly upwards, or pop the balloons once your reach a desired height.

Several levels involve multiple goals, but the most important one is to end the level. You need this because unless and until you reach the end, the goals you achieve cannot be validated. Some level are also timed meaning you have to reach the end in a required amount of time. Stars can be collected on different occasions, you don’t have to collect all at once as it was in Angry Birds. The more stars you collect the more levels you unlock. The normal levels have a maximum of three stars, while the bonus levels can have upto 20 stars.

Bad piggies have three awesomely bad mode. First is ‘Ground Hog’, in this mode you build veicles that stay on the ground. The second is ‘When Pigs Fly’, yes pigs do fly here, in this mode you have to build vehicles that can fly using objects such as wings, balloons, propellers. The third mode is ‘Sand Box’, where in you just have to build vehicles to go across huge levels and collect all the stars. The game in the initial levels is slow, and a bit of time to become interesting. The initial levels are easy and lack luster. You have play, get full stars and unlock more object before the real action. No wonder you’ll have to play the levels n number of time. Assembling the vehicles is challenging and involves a lot of trial and error. The grid is limited and you have to assemble accordingly. Different designs will lead to similar results.

The game,  like other games such as Amazing Alex, Where’s my perry, relies heavily on physics and assembly of each object has consequences. Once you get used to the physics in volved in the game, assembling becomes quite easy. If you are stuck at any point the game helps you by building the vehicle for you, although you alone will control it. No good help comes for free here too you have only three chances to use the help if more is required you simply have to purchase them using in-app purchasing.

Speaking of price, the iOS version costs $0.99 for the iPhone and iPod touch, while the iPad version costs $2.99. Two versions are available for Android, with one being optimized for HD displays, both are free to download they do have in-game ugly ads using up your battery. No paid version for Android yet, so unfortunately you will have enjoy with the ads. Windows version can be purchased on the Rovio website for $4.99.


Graphics and Sound

The visuals are on similar grounds with Angry Birds. The Bad Piggies world looks barren and desolate. This adds to the lack of excitement while playing the game. The music is pleasant. The sounds are monotonous with odd squeaks of the pig and some from the objects. There are a few  themes that play during assembling vehicles and during the actual play. The game could have used jazzier environments to spice things up



Kudos to rovio for a similar but a different game, in the gameplay aspects of course. Although we cannot compare Angry Birds and Bad Piggies, as both are fun for a limited time being, we still can enjoy them.

Bad Piggies offers a fairly enjoyable experience. The initial levels are not interesting which could put off many users. It lacks the pick up and play nature of Angry Birds and many users would not like to spend the mental energy to get all the stars. Getting to end to go to the next level can annoy users which was not required in Angry Birds.

Lastly, the is dull, with boring visuals and a mediocre soundtrack that don’t do justice to the game play.


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  1. jagat kumar

    Dec 01. 2012

    awesome game. I have played own Android phone and now it is free (trail version ) avail on the web. really loving.

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